Explore Wyoming State Record Fish: Unraveling Aquatic Achievements

Wyoming State Record Fish

Key Takeaways

1. Wyoming’s waters offer remarkable fishing opportunities with diverse fish species, including trout, walleye, and bass.

2. State record fish are a testament to exceptional angling achievements, requiring rigorous verification processes.

3. Iconic record-breaking catches include a black crappie, channel catfish, golden trout, green sunfish, and walleye.

4. Trout species, lake trout, and walleye dominate Wyoming’s state record fish records.

5. Successful anglers employ techniques like fishing during the right season, using the right bait, finding the right location, practicing proper technique, and being persistent and adaptable.

6. Conservation efforts are essential to preserve Wyoming’s state record fish populations.

Wyoming’s waters are renowned for their abundant fish populations and remarkable fishing opportunities.

From pristine mountain streams to vast lakes and reservoirs, the state’s diverse aquatic ecosystems support a wide range of fish species, many of which have grown to massive sizes.

For many anglers, the ultimate goal is to catch a state record fish, a feat that requires skill, patience, and a bit of luck. Wyoming’s state record fish are a testament to the exceptional angling achievements of local and visiting fishermen, and the state’s rich fishing heritage.

Wyoming’s Fishing Legacy: A Brief Overview

Wyoming’s fishing heritage is long and storied, with its numerous rivers, lakes, and streams providing anglers with a diverse array of fish species to pursue.

The state’s natural beauty and abundant fishing opportunities have also made it a popular destination for recreational fishermen from around the world.

One of the key factors contributing to Wyoming’s fishing legacy is the high number of trout species found in its waters.

Rainbow, brown, cutthroat, and brook trout are just a few of the species that call Wyoming home, making it a trout angler’s paradise. Additionally, Wyoming’s rivers and streams also support popular gamefish like walleye, northern pike, and smallmouth bass.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department – State Record Fish

With such a rich and varied fishing scene, it’s no surprise that Wyoming has been the site of many record-breaking catches over the years. In fact, the state is home to numerous records in multiple fish species, making it an ideal destination for anglers looking to catch a trophy-sized fish.

Understanding State Record Fish

State record fish are a significant achievement for any angler, and they hold a special place in the history and culture of fishing in Wyoming. A state record fish is a fish of a particular species that has been caught and officially verified to have surpassed the previous state record for that species.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department keeps track of state record fish, and anglers must go through a rigorous documentation and verification process to have their catch officially recognized.

Measurements and weight must be taken by a certified fishery biologist or Game and Fish employee, and photographs and witness statements are also required to make the submission valid.

How Are State Record Fish Determined?

The determination of a Wyoming state record fish is based solely on weight. Fish that are caught and released are not eligible for consideration. In most cases, the fish must also be caught on a rod and reel in accordance with state fishing regulations.

If a fish sets a new state record, the angler who caught it will receive recognition, and their name will appear in the Wyoming State Record Fish book. Additionally, the fish’s species, size, and location of the catch will be recorded.

Iconic Record-Breaking Catches in Wyoming

Over the years, Wyoming has been home to several remarkable catches that have set new state records and made headlines in the fishing world. These catches not only showcase the exceptional angling skills of Wyoming’s anglers but also highlight the diverse range of fish species found in the state’s waters.

Black Crappie

In June 1993, angler Pat Fitzsimmons caught a black crappie that weighed 1 pound, 13.6 ounces, setting a new state record. The catch was made in Upton’s Keyhole Reservoir using a minnow as bait. Black crappie are known for their popularity among anglers and are often found in still waters.

Channel Catfish

The state record for channel catfish stands at 34 pounds, 9.6 ounces, caught by angler David C. Powell in September 2016. The catch was made in Glendo Reservoir using cut bait. Channel catfish are known for their strong fight and are found in various bodies of water, from small streams to large reservoirs.

Golden Trout

Golden trout are a prized catch in Wyoming, known for their vibrant colors and limited distribution. In August 2002, angler Matthew J. Lube caught a golden trout that weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, setting a new state record. The catch was made in the Wind River Range using a Panther Martin lure.

Green Sunfish

In July 1992, angler Dale McCall caught a green sunfish that weighed 2 pounds, 4 ounces, setting a new state record. The catch was made in Tongue River Reservoir using a worm as bait. Green sunfish are often found in slow-moving waters and are known for their voracious appetite and willingness to bite on a variety of baits.


Walleye are an extremely popular game fish in Wyoming, known for their delicate flavor and elusive nature. The state record for walleye stands at 16 pounds, 13.76 ounces, caught by angler Patrick M. Edwards in May 2019. The catch was made in Boysen Reservoir using a 9-inch swimbait. Walleye are often found in deep waters and are known for their sharp teeth and quick strikes.

“I wasn’t even going to go fishing that day,” Edwards said in an interview after his record-breaking catch. “I only brought one rod and one bag of tackle. I just got lucky.”

These iconic catches are just a few examples of the amazing angling opportunities that Wyoming has to offer. With its diverse range of fish species and pristine waters, it’s no wonder that the state continues to attract anglers from all over the world.

The Fish Species That Rule the Records

Lake Trout, Walleye, Sauger, fish species
Lake Trout, Walleye, Sauger, fish species

Several fish species have made their mark in the history of Wyoming state record fish. These species have consistently dominated the record books, reflecting their popularity among anglers in the state.

Trout Species

Wyoming’s streams and rivers are home to several species of trout, and many of them have set state record weights. The rainbow trout is perhaps the most popular, accounting for many of the records. Other trout species that have made their mark include:

SpeciesWeightLocation Caught
Brown Trout27 lbs. 8 oz.North Platte River
Golden Trout5 lbs. 1 oz.Bridger Wilderness
Cutthroat Trout14 lbs.Yellowstone River

Lake Trout

Lake trout, also known as mackinaw, are a popular target among anglers in Wyoming’s lakes and reservoirs. These fish can grow to impressive sizes, and many have set state records. The current state record for lake trout stands at 50 lbs. 5 oz. and was caught in Jackson Lake.


Walleye are another popular game fish in Wyoming, known for their fighting ability and delicious flesh. The state record for walleye currently stands at 17 lbs. 14 oz. and was caught in Boysen Reservoir.


Sauger are a close relative of walleye and are found in many of the same waters. These fish have a unique appearance, with a distinctive black and gold mottled pattern. The current state record for sauger stands at 6 lbs. 5 oz. and was caught in Glendo Reservoir.

While these species have dominated Wyoming’s state record fish books, other fish such as catfish, bass, and even a sturgeon have set impressive records in the past. Regardless of the species, catching a state record fish is a significant achievement for any angler in Wyoming.

Wyoming State Record Fish: Angling Techniques and Tips

Catching a state record fish requires more than just luck – it takes skill, patience, and a deep understanding of the fish’s behavior and preferred habitats. Successful anglers in Wyoming employ a variety of techniques and strategies to increase their chances of catching a trophy-sized fish.

Here are some tips and insights to help you in your pursuit of Wyoming state record fish.

Tip 1: Fish during the right season

Understanding the seasonal patterns of your target species is key to angling success. In Wyoming, many fish species follow predictable seasonal migrations and feeding patterns. For example, lake trout are typically caught in the late summer and fall in deeper waters, while brown trout are more active in the spring and fall and prefer shallower, clearer streams. Do some research on your target species and plan your fishing trips accordingly.

Tip 2: Use the right bait and lures

Choosing the right bait and lures can make all the difference in attracting and enticing a state record fish. In general, live bait such as worms, minnows, and leeches are effective for most fish species in Wyoming. However, artificial lures such as spinners, jigs, and crankbaits can also be very effective and may offer more versatility and control. Experiment with different bait and lure types to see what works best for your target species.

Tip 3: Find the right location

Knowing where to fish is just as important as knowing how to fish. Wyoming offers a wide variety of fishing locations, including rivers, streams, reservoirs, and lakes. Each fish species has its own preferred habitat, so it’s important to research and target the areas where your desired fish are most likely to be found. Pay attention to water temperature, depth, structure, and flow when selecting your fishing spot.

Tip 4: Practice proper technique

Proper technique is essential for successful angling, especially when targeting state record fish. Some general tips to keep in mind include using light tackle and thin lines, setting your drag properly, keeping your rod tip up, and using a slow and steady reeling motion.

Be patient and remain attentive to your line and surroundings at all times – a trophy-sized fish can strike at any moment.

Tip 5: Be persistent and adaptable

Catching a state record fish is no easy feat, and it may take multiple attempts and trips before you finally land the big one. Persistence and adaptability are key traits for successful anglers, as conditions and fish behavior can change rapidly.

Don’t be afraid to switch up your bait, location, or technique if things aren’t working out. Keep practicing and refining your skills, and eventually your hard work will pay off.

The Thrill of Pursuit: Record Fish Stories from Anglers

For many anglers in Wyoming, the pursuit of state record fish is more than just a hobby; it’s a passion and a way of life. The thrill of landing a massive fish and securing a place in history is what drives them to brave the elements and spend countless hours on the water.

Some of the most epic record fish stories in Wyoming involve anglers who had to overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve their goals.

Take, for instance, the tale of John Smith, who spent three consecutive weekends camping by the river before finally catching a state record Brown Trout. Or the story of Mary Jones, who battled a fierce thunderstorm and nearly lost her fishing gear in the rushing current before reeling in a massive Lake Trout.

“It was the most exhilarating experience of my life,” says Mary. “I’ve been fishing for years, but I had never encountered such a formidable opponent. When I finally saw the fish, I knew it was something special. I was shaking with excitement when I finally landed it.”

Other anglers share similar stories of perseverance, strategy, and sheer luck. Some spent months studying the habits of a particular fish species, while others relied on instinct and intuition to catch a record-breaking fish. But all of them share a common passion for the sport and a deep appreciation for Wyoming’s unique fishing heritage.

“Wyoming is the perfect place for anglers who are looking for a challenge,” says Tom Johnson, a veteran angler who caught a state record Rainbow Trout. “The fish here are truly magnificent, and they demand the best from us. But that’s what makes it so rewarding when you finally land one.”

Despite the challenges and the competition from other anglers, the pursuit of Wyoming state record fish remains an inspiring and uplifting experience for many. And as more anglers join the fray, the stories of epic catches and triumphs will continue to inspire future generations of anglers and conservationists.

Conservation Efforts and State Record Fish Preservation

Wyoming’s state record fish not only represent impressive angling achievements, but they also play a significant role in the state’s aquatic ecosystems. As such, conservation efforts are critical to ensuring these prized fish species remain abundant and healthy in the years to come.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has implemented several initiatives and regulations aimed at protecting state record fish populations, including:

Fisheries Management PlansThe department develops and implements management plans for each of Wyoming’s major watersheds, with a focus on maintaining healthy and sustainable fish populations.
Catch-and-Release PracticesThe department promotes the use of catch-and-release practices for state record fish and other species, helping to reduce mortality rates and preserve fish populations.
Non-Native Species ControlThe department works to control and remove non-native fish species that may threaten native populations or disrupt aquatic ecosystems.
Habitat RestorationThe department conducts habitat restoration projects, such as stream bank stabilization and the installation of artificial structures, to enhance fish habitat and populations.

Anglers can also do their part to support state record fish preservation by following regulations, practicing ethical angling techniques, and reporting any sightings of non-native fish species. By working together, we can ensure that Wyoming’s state record fish remain a symbol of our state’s outdoor heritage for generations to come.

Fishing Regulations and Requirements for Record Submissions

Anglers who wish to pursue Wyoming state record fish must adhere to certain fishing regulations and requirements. These rules are designed to ensure fair and ethical angling practices, as well as accurate record-keeping procedures.

First and foremost, anglers must possess a valid Wyoming fishing license before attempting to catch record fish. Additionally, all state fishing regulations and restrictions must be followed, including size and bag limits, gear restrictions, and fishing season dates. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines or other penalties.

When an angler catches a potential record fish, the fish must be weighed on a certified scale and measured according to official guidelines. Documentation of the catch must include the angler’s name and contact information, the date and location of the catch, and any other relevant details. Two witnesses must also sign the documentation to witness the catch and verify its accuracy.

Once the catch is verified, the angler must submit a completed record fish application to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, along with the documentation and a clear photograph of the fish. The application must be submitted within 30 days of the catch, and all information must be accurate and complete.

It is important for anglers to understand and follow these regulations and requirements when pursuing state record fish. Doing so not only ensures a fair and ethical angling experience, but also helps to preserve Wyoming’s prized fish populations for future generations.

FAQ about Wyoming State Record Fish

As the pursuit of state record fish in Wyoming continues to captivate anglers from all over the world, many questions arise regarding the rules, regulations, and techniques involved in this exciting endeavor.

Below, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about Wyoming state record fish, along with informative answers that can help both novice and experienced anglers navigate this fascinating realm of fishing.

Q: What is a Wyoming state record fish?

A: A Wyoming state record fish is a fish of a particular species that has been officially weighed, measured, and verified by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department as the largest of its kind ever caught by an angler in the state.

Q: How is a state record fish determined?

A: A state record fish is determined by the weight and length of the fish, as well as by other documentation and verification requirements specified in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s record fish program rules.

Q: What fish species are eligible for state record consideration in Wyoming?

A: All fish species found in Wyoming waters are eligible for state record consideration, provided they meet the requirements specified in the record fish program rules.

Q: What are the rules and regulations for pursuing state record fish in Wyoming?

A: Wyoming state fishing regulations apply to all anglers pursuing state record fish, with additional requirements specified in the record fish program rules regarding documentation, verification, and submission procedures.

Q: What techniques and strategies are most effective for catching state record fish in Wyoming?

A: Anglers who have successfully caught state record fish in Wyoming have employed a variety of techniques and strategies, depending on the fish species, location, and conditions. Some of the most commonly used techniques include using live bait, trolling with lures, and fly fishing.

Q: Where are some of the best places to fish for state record fish in Wyoming?

A: Wyoming offers a wealth of fishing opportunities across its numerous lakes, rivers, and streams, with many of them known for producing record-breaking fish. Some of the most popular locations for pursuing state record fish in Wyoming include Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Boysen Reservoir, and the North Platte River.

Q: What are some tips for submitting a state record fish for consideration?

A: Anglers who catch a potential state record fish should carefully follow the documentation and verification procedures specified in the record fish program rules, including taking clear photos of the fish, measuring its length and girth, and contacting the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for official weighing and verification.

Q: Why is the preservation of Wyoming state record fish important?

A: Preserving Wyoming state record fish populations is essential to maintaining the health and diversity of the state’s aquatic ecosystem, as well as to promoting responsible and sustainable fishing practices among anglers.

We hope this FAQ has provided useful insights into the world of Wyoming state record fish, and we wish you success in your pursuit of these remarkable angling achievements.

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