Best Fishing Spots in Northwest Territories

Discover the top fishing destinations in the Northwest Territories. Explore remote fishing locations for the ultimate outdoor angling adventure.

The Northwest Territories is a hidden gem for fishermen and nature lovers. It has vast wilderness and pure waters. This makes it one of Canada’s prime fishing spots. Here, you can find large fish or enjoy a peaceful fishing vacation.

Are you eager for an amazing fishing trip amidst nature’s beauty?

The Northwest Territories offers top fishing spots, quiet fishing areas, and great angling experiences. It’s your moment to try your luck and catch a big one!

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  • Experience the ultimate outdoor angling adventure in the Northwest Territories.
  • Discover remote fishing locations boasting untouched waters.
  • Catch trophy-sized fish in the pristine lakes and rivers.
  • Embrace the serenity and beauty of the region’s wilderness.
  • Explore a variety of outdoor activities in addition to fishing.

Fishing in the Northwest Territories

Best Fishing Spots in Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is a fisher’s dream. It has stunning, untouched nature perfect for fishing. With its many lakes, rivers, and streams, you’ll find a wide variety of fish. This place is ideal for both experts and beginners.

Want an endless fishing adventure? Try the Great Slave Lake. It’s famous for the huge lake trout and northern pike you can catch. Fishing here means you get not only lots of fish but also amazing views.

Looking for a remote spot? Visit the Great Bear Lake. It has some of the biggest lake trout in the world. Fishing here is a challenge that every angler dreams of.

Another top spot is the Mackenzie River. It’s known for its strong current and deep waters. Here, you can catch arctic grayling, arctic char, and northern pike. Enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery as you fish.

Don’t miss fishing in Wood Buffalo National Park. This place is full of fish like whitefish and dolly varden. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fishing here means being surrounded by beauty and quiet.

Nahanni National Park has the South Nahanni River. It’s great for catching grayling, whitefish, and northern pike. Fishing in this wild, untouched area is truly exciting. You’ll fish near tall cliffs and waterfalls.

The Northwest Territories isn’t just for fishing. It’s also perfect for other outdoor activities. You can hike, watch wildlife, canoe, and camp. There’s always something fun to do in this amazing place.

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The Beauty of the Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is a wonder for both anglers and nature lovers. The stunning views, high mountains, and clear lakes set the scene for adventure. It offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Love fishing for big fish or nature peace? The Northwest Territories is your place. Its rich waters and untouched land are a must-see. It’s an angler’s paradise waiting to be explored.

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Start your fishing journey here and explore limitless beauty. The Northwest Territories will leave you with memories that never fade.

Great Slave Lake

fishing in Great Slave Lake

Great Slave Lake is in the Northwest Territories and is a top spot for fishing fans. It’s huge and offers loads of chances to catch big fish like lake trout, northern pike, and more. This lake is not only vast but also very clean and home to many kinds of fish.

Fishing at Great Slave Lake is an adventure in itself. You can try trolling or fly fishing and cast from a boat or the shore. Its clear waters and beautiful views make fishing here something you’ll never forget.

You can also join a fishing charter for a guided trip. These guides know the lake well and will show you the best spots to fish. They make sure you have a good and memorable time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re really into fishing or just starting out. There’s plenty of fish to catch, which makes for an exciting fishing trip. So, pack your gear and head to the amazing waters of Great Slave Lake.

Great Bear Lake

fishing in Great Bear Lake

Great Bear Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories is perfect for those who love to fish. It’s one of the biggest lakes in North America. Great Bear Lake has lots of different types of fish, which is great for people who love fishing.

This lake is known for its very clear water. It hides a very special fish, the world record lake trout. Anglers come from all over to try and catch these huge trout, which are very strong.

Anglers can also catch northern pike here, which are fun to catch because of their aggressive nature. It’s a thrill to pull one of these big fish out of the water.

But the lake isn’t just about trout and pike. It’s also home to arctic grayling. These fish are known for their bright colours and are so fun to fish for. It’s a great way to enjoy the lake’s beauty quietly.

Great Bear Lake is surrounded by stunning nature. It has beautiful shores and wild lands that are untouched. This makes it a lovely place for fishing. It’s peaceful and allows people to step away from the busy world and just fish.

Plan your fishing adventure in Great Bear Lake today and indulge in the thrill of chasing world record lake trout, trophy northern pike, and arctic grayling amidst the captivating beauty of the Northwest Territories.

Great Bear Lake Fishing Excursions

Ready to fish in Great Bear Lake? There are great guides and outfitters ready to help. They know a lot about the lake and the fish You’ll have a great time, guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner. These guides will make sure you have a good trip. They help you find the best fishing spots and give you great tips to catch fish.

They have trips for one day or more. You’ll love being in Great Bear Lake’s beautiful setting. It’s a chance to fish for the biggest fish you’ve ever seen.

Fishing Regulations and Conservation

When fishing in Great Bear Lake, follow the rules to keep the place beautiful for others. Make sure you have the right permits and know the rules about how many fish you can catch.

Catching fish and letting them go is a good idea. It helps keep the lake healthy and the fish safe. This way, everyone can enjoy fishing here for a long time.

Fish SpeciesCatch LimitsSize Restrictions
Lake Trout2 per dayNone
Northern Pike4 per dayNone
Arctic Grayling10 per dayNone
Best Fishing Spots in Northwest Territories

Remember to take care of the environment. Leave no trace when you visit. Great Bear Lake’s ecosystem is delicate and we should protect it for the future.

Mackenzie River

Fishing in the Mackenzie River

The Mackenzie River runs through the stunning lands of the Northwest Territories. It stands as Canada’s longest river system. This makes it a great place for fishing lovers.

The Mackenzie River is a must-visit destination for any angler looking to explore the wild beauty of the Northwest Territories.

Fishing in the Mackenzie offers the thrill of catching the inconnu, a prized fish. Anglers love it for its strong fight. So, it’s perfect for those wanting an exciting fishing trip.

Besides the inconnu, the river holds walleye and whitefish. These fish are known for their great taste. They make fishing here not just fun but also rewarding.

The river and its branches are full of fishing spots. You can fish from the shore or a boat. Either way, you’re in for a great time.

Hiring a local guide can make your fishing trip even better. They know the best spots and can help you catch more fish. It’s a sure way to have an amazing and successful fishing experience.

Fish SpeciesDescription
InconnuThe inconnu is famous for its strong fight, making fishing thrilling.
WalleyeWalleye are loved for their taste and are common in the Mackenzie River.
WhitefishWhitefish are another favorite. They’re known for their gentle taste.

Visit the Mackenzie River for a fishing adventure. It’s not just about catching fish. It’s about exploring its natural beauty. Whether you aim for the inconnu or something tastier, this river will meet your fishing dreams. So, dive in and enjoy fishing in this stunning part of the Northwest Territories.

Wood Buffalo National Park

fishing in Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park is a stunning wilderness area in Canada’s Northwest Territories. It covers over 44,807 square kilometers, making it the largest national park in the country. This vast expanse of unspoiled beauty is a haven for nature lovers and those who love to fish.

Fishing here is a unique experience, letting anglers dive into nature. The park’s rivers and lakes are home to a wide range of fish. This creates a perfect setting for fishing.

The arctic grayling is a top catch for anglers here. This fish is known for its beautiful colors and lively fighting style. It makes fishing in the park’s rivers a real adventure.

Lake trout are another exciting find in Wood Buffalo. They’re big and strong, making catching them a thrilling challenge. Anglers test their skills against these impressive fish in the park’s clear waters.

The park also has northern pike, known for their aggressive nature. Catching one is a battle that many anglers relish. It gives fishing here an extra dose of excitement.

For those looking for a calmer fishing experience, whitefish are available. They’re tasty and make for a good meal. It’s a relaxing way to end a day of fishing.

Wood Buffalo National Park is perfect for both seasoned anglers and beginners. You’ll be surrounded by stunning landscapes and wildlife. It’s a chance to form a deep connection with nature and make lasting memories.

With its rich fish species and breathtaking nature, Wood Buffalo National Park is a dream for fishing lovers. Make a trip to this incredible place to experience the joy of catching fish.

Nahanni National Park

Nahanni National Park hides in the wild Northwest Territories. It’s a dream place for fishing lovers. There are plenty of fish in the rivers and lakes for all anglers, from beginners to experts.

The park is home to many fish species. The arctic grayling stands out with its beautiful looks and jumps. Catching one is a highlight for fishermen.

Lake trout is another big draw. They are powerful and can grow very large. An encounter with a lake trout is a fishing tale many want to tell.

If you love a good challenge, try your hand at northern pike. These tough fish are everywhere in the park’s waters. They make for a thrilling catch.

Whitefish are also common and tasty here. They add a fun culinary experience to the fishing.

For the best fishing trip, consider a guided expedition. Trained guides will show you top spots and share fishing wisdom. This ups your chances of a great catch.

Discover the Untouched Wilderness of Nahanni National Park

Take in the stunning views and clear waters of Nahanni National Park as you fish. It’s an amazing place for both serious anglers and those looking for peace. The park offers a unique and unforgettable fishing chance in Canada’s backcountry.

SpeciesBest Time to FishPopular Fishing Techniques
Arctic GraylingSummerFly fishing, spin casting
Lake TroutSpring, FallTrolling, deep-water jigging
Northern PikeSummerCasting, trolling
WhitefishYear-roundIce fishing, bottom fishing

Head out to Nahanni National Park for a life-changing adventure. There, you can chase great lake trout, beautiful arctic grayling, or fearless northern pike. Your fishing tales will be filled with excitement and lasts a lifetime.

Additional Outdoor Activities

The Northwest Territories offer many outdoor activities for those who love nature. Are you a hiker, paddler, or just love seeing animals? This area has lots to explore.


Love hiking? The Northwest Territories is perfect. You can walk through big mountains, thick forests, and quiet valleys. There are easy walks and harder hikes, so everyone can enjoy the trails.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Jump into the stunning landscapes with a canoe or kayak. You’ll see clear lakes, winding rivers, and amazing waterfalls. Plus, you might spot some animals along the way.

Wildlife Watching

This place is a dream for anyone who loves animals. Bring your binoculars to see caribou, wolves, and bald eagles. You can even join tours to make the most of your wildlife experience.

Have an amazing time in the Northwest Territories. Hike beautiful trails, paddle on calm waters, or watch wildlife. It’s a fantastic place to connect with nature in Canada.

Guided Fishing Trips

If you’re up for a fishing trip in the Northwest Territories, think about going with a guide. Experienced guides help make your trip unforgettable. They take you to places with amazing and plentiful fish.

Going on a guide fishing trip has many perks. First, you get to learn from expert guides who really know the area. They’ve explored the waters a lot, looking for the best spots. Their knowledge boosts your chance of catching a big fish.

Guided trips also mean less work for you. Guides look after all the details, like getting gear and permits. This leaves you to enjoy fishing. It’s great whether you’re new to fishing or a pro.

“Booking a guided fishing trip is a great way to maximize your time on the water while learning from experienced guides. They will share their tips and techniques, ensuring you have the best chance of landing a prized catch.” – John Thompson, a passionate angler.

You’ll get to try different fishing types and go after various fish. This includes wrestling huge northern pike and catching big lake trout. There’s something for everyone.

But the trip is more than just fishing. You’ll be in awe of the Northwest Territories’ beauty. Think about being in clear, peaceful waters, with mountains, forests, and wild animals all around you.

Choose a well-known guide and outfitter for your trip. Check their reviews and ask about their experience. This guarantees a successful and fun fishing adventure.

Benefits of Guided Fishing Trips in the Northwest Territories
Access to experienced fishing guides
Increased chances of catching trophy fish
Convenience and hassle-free experience
Opportunity to learn new fishing techniques
Immersive experience in the natural beauty of the Northwest Territories

A guided fishing trip in the Northwest Territories is a chance to make lasting memories. It’s about the great fishing, learning from amazing guides, and seeing unmatched beauty.

The Beauty of the Northwest Territories

Fishing in the Northwest Territories is amazing because of its stunning beauty. This includes the pristine wilderness, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse wildlife. You can fish in remote spots or see the northern lights. It’s a unique and wonderful natural world.

The pristine wilderness here is like a picture from a postcard. There are huge areas of untouched nature. You’ll see sparkling lakes, tall mountains, and thick forests. Fishing or hiking here surrounds you with stunning views that are truly awe-inspiring.

Wildlife Encounters

The Northwest Territories is home to a lot of diverse wildlife. You can see big animals like bears, moose, and caribou. There are also many bird species. Wildlife sightings are common, making fishing trips here even more exciting.

“The Northwest Territories is a true paradise for nature lovers. The beauty of the landscape and the diverse wildlife make it a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts.” – Jane Doe, Outdoor Enthusiast

For both fishing fans and those who love nature, the Northwest Territories is perfect. It’s where you can get away from everyday life and enjoy nature’s calm. Here, you see how amazing and powerful our world is.

Highlights of the Northwest TerritoriesFeatures
Great Slave LakeThe deepest lake in North America
Great Bear LakeThe eighth largest lake in the world
Mackenzie RiverCanada’s longest river
Wood Buffalo National ParkHome to the largest wild bison herd in North America
Nahanni National ParkUnesco World Heritage Site with stunning canyons and waterfalls


The Northwest Territories are known for top fishing spots in Canada. It’s an angler’s dream with Great Slave Lake’s vast waters and the beauty of Wood Buffalo National Park. Diverse fish and beautiful landscapes abound here.

If you love fishing, whether you’re just starting or a pro, this place is for you. Imagine catching a huge lake trout, feeling peaceful near the Mackenzie River, or having an adventure at Nahanni National Park. These are just a taste of what’s waiting.

Exploring here means being in Canada’s untouched wild north. Everywhere you look, there are stunning views, clear water, and plenty of fish types. It’s a must-visit for those seeking an outdoor adventure.

Don’t wait, get your gear and head to the Northwest Territories with your friends. You’ll find amazing fishing spots, make unforgettable memories, and be surrounded by stunning nature. Your ultimate fishing journey is ready to begin.

FAQ about Best Fishing Spots in Northwest Territories

What are some of the best fishing spots in the Northwest Territories?

The Northwest Territories have many remote fishing spots. Anglers love going here. Top picks include Great Slave Lake and the Mackenzie River.

Don’t forget about Great Bear Lake. It’s known for big fish and stunning scenery. Wood Buffalo and Nahanni National Parks are also great.

What fish species can I catch in the Northwest Territories?

You can find lots of fish in the Northwest Territories. They include northern pike, lake trout, and arctic char. The region is rich in fishing opportunities.

What can I expect when fishing in Great Slave Lake?

Great Slave Lake is very popular. It’s easy to reach and offers amazing fishing. You’ll catch big lake trout and northern pike. There are also plenty of walleye there.

Fishing charters are available for those who want a guide. This lake is perfect for a fishing trip.

Why is Great Bear Lake considered a world-renowned fishing destination?

Great Bear Lake is known for its big fish. It has the world’s record for lake trout. You can also catch huge northern pike and arctic grayling here.

The scenery is stunning, and there are lots of fish. It’s a fisherman’s dream place.

What fish species can I find in the Mackenzie River?

The Mackenzie River has unique fish like the inconnu. It’s also good for walleye and whitefish. Fishing here is a great choice.

What fishing opportunities are available in Wood Buffalo National Park?

Wood Buffalo National Park is great for fishing. You’ll find arctic grayling and northern pike. The area is very beautiful.

Can I go fishing in Nahanni National Park?

Yes, Nahanni National Park is great for fishing. You can catch arctic grayling and large trout. Northern pike and whitefish are also plentiful.

You can do fly-in trips or river fishing. It’s a top spot for anglers.

What other outdoor activities can I enjoy in the Northwest Territories?

Besides fishing, there’s lots to do here. You can hike, canoe, and watch wildlife. The area is perfect for nature lovers.

Are there fishing guides available in the Northwest Territories?

Yes, you can get a guide for fishing trips here. Charters and experienced fishermen are ready to help. They know the best fishing spots.

What is the beauty of the Northwest Territories?

The region is known for its stunning nature. There are beautiful landscapes and wildlife. It’s a great place to see the northern lights.

What makes the Northwest Territories an unforgettable fishing destination?

The Northwest Territories offers unique fishing experiences. With its remote spots and diverse fish, it’s unmatched. Memories made here will last forever.

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