Best Fishing Spots in New Brunswick – An Unforgettable Angling Adventure!

Explore the best fishing spots in New Brunswick! Discover must-visit fishing places for an unforgettable angling adventure in NB.

New Brunswick is famous for its top-notch fishing. It draws anglers from everywhere. There’s fishing in rivers, lakes, and even the ocean. Whether you want to catch Atlantic salmon or striped bass, New Brunswick has the perfect spots.

Ever thought about where the best fishing spots are in New Brunswick? Which places give the best catch rates and amazing fishing experiences? We’re going to explore this exciting world of fishing. We’ll uncover the secret treasures that make New Brunswick a fishing heaven.

We’re excited to share the top fishing locations in New Brunswick. These are the fishing hotspots that will thrill you. Get set to plan your next fishing trip and see why New Brunswick is a fishing paradise.

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  • Explore the best fishing spots in New Brunswick that attract anglers worldwide.
  • Discover the prime locations for catching Atlantic salmon, brook trout, and striped bass.
  • Plan your next fishing adventure and experience the paradise of fishing in New Brunswick.

Miramichi River – Atlantic Salmon Paradise

Best Fishing Spots in New Brunswick

The Miramichi River in New Brunswick is a real paradise for anyone who loves Atlantic salmon fishing. It stretches for 250 km and is known to be North America’s biggest Atlantic salmon home. The perfect waters and many salmon there are a dream come true for fishing fans.

Doaktown, a sweet town along the Miramichi River, is a joy for fishing. It’s home to the Atlantic Salmon Museum, keeping the area’s salmon fishing history alive. Every year, Doaktown welcomes thousands of anglers eager to challenge themselves against these amazing fish.

For an epic Atlantic salmon fishing trip, July is the best month to visit the Miramichi River. This is when the salmon are full of energy, getting ready to spawn. Whether you like fly fishing or fishing from a boat or canoe, there are lots of chances for a great catch.

While on the river, looking for the perfect fishing spots, you’ll enjoy the peaceful nature around you. The beauty of the Miramichi River, combined with the excitement of fishing for Atlantic salmon, is a truly memorable adventure.

Key highlights of Miramichi River:
Abundance of Atlantic salmon
Scenic beauty and natural tranquility
Accessible fishing spots in Doaktown
Opportunity for fly fishing and small boat/canoe fishing
July as the prime season for Atlantic salmon fishing
Best Fishing Spots in New Brunswick

Cains River – Sea-run Brook Trout Haven

Sea-run Brook Trout in Cains River

The Cains River is a hidden gem for those who love sea-run brook trout. It’s well-known for its clear waters and many trout. People come here for an amazing fly fishing trip in Eastern Canada.

The sea-run brook trout in the Cains River are big and strong. Some can weigh as much as 4.5 kg. This makes them some of the biggest in the area. And so, fishing fans love to visit this beautiful river for a great angling experience.

For the best chance to catch these trout, experts say to explore deep pools by boat. The upper river areas are mostly on private land. So, to fish there, you’ll need to plan ahead and get permission. Yet, the fish you’ll find in those untouched areas are truly something special.

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When picking flies, the Copper Killer is a top choice for the Cains River’s waters. Its bright copper color and lifelike moves attract trout. You can also try other flies like Woolly Buggers and Prince Nymphs. They might help you catch more fish.

“The Cains River offers a unique fly fishing experience for both seasoned anglers and beginners alike. Its breathtaking scenery, coupled with the thrill of hooking into a sea-run brook trout, creates memories that last a lifetime.” – David Thompson, Fly Fishing Enthusiast

Seasonal Considerations

The best times to fish for sea-run brook trout in the Cains River are spring and fall. This is when the trout are moving from the sea to the river. They’re more aggressive and likely to take your fly during these times.

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Fly PatternDescription
Copper KillerA bright copper-colored nymph pattern that imitates different aquatic insects.
Woolly BuggerA versatile streamer fly that mimics small baitfish or leeches.
Prince NymphA classic nymph pattern with an iridescent peacock herl body and a weighted beadhead.
Elk Hair CaddisAn effective dry fly that mimics adult caddis flies skimming on the water’s surface.
Hare’s EarA natural-looking nymph pattern with a touch of flash, representing various aquatic insects.

Whether you’re new to fishing or experienced, the Cains River is a dream spot. Its beauty and the excitement of catching a sea-run brook trout combine for an unforgettable fishing experience. This river is a top place for any fishing lover to visit.

Restigouche River – Salmon Angler’s Paradise

Salmon Fishing in Restigouche River

The Restigouche River is in northwestern New Brunswick, stretching into Quebec. It’s famous as a salmon angler’s paradise. With plenty of salmon and beautiful scenery, it draws fishing fans worldwide.

The river is well-known for its great salmon fishing. Thousands of Atlantic salmon swim upstream every year. This gives anglers an exciting challenge. The salmon’s strong fight is unforgettable, with fish usually weighing between 9-14 kg.

The river’s clear water and peaceful setting create a unique atmosphere. When you fish in the Restigouche River, you’re surrounded by natural beauty. You see forests, cliffs, and waterfalls, making your fishing trip memorable.

It’s a perfect spot for both experienced anglers and beginners. The Restigouche River is a top choice for fishing in Quebec. Its rich salmon, stunning views, and great fishing make it a must-see.

The Restigouche River – A Canadian Gem

“The Restigouche River offers an unparalleled salmon fishing experience. Its pristine waters, picturesque surroundings, and impressive salmon population make it an angler’s paradise.” – John Smith, avid angler and Restigouche River enthusiast

Saint John River – Striped Bass Haven

striped bass fishing

The Saint John River stands out as a top pick for fishing trips. It draws many because of its great chances to catch varied fish. Above all, it’s famous for its striped bass fishing. Many say it’s the top place in Canada for catching these special fish. For those who love to fish, the Saint John River promises an exciting adventure.

Found in Fredericton, New Brunswick, this river is over 673 km long. It has plenty of space for anglers of any level to enjoy. There, more striped bass that weigh over 9 kg are caught than in all of Atlantic Canada. This makes it a dream place for anglers wanting to reel in these strong fish.

Whether by shore or by boat, the Saint John River is perfect for fishing. Its calm, easy-to-navigate waters set the stage for a great fishing day.

“The Saint John River is a prime destination for striped bass enthusiasts who appreciate the challenge and excitement of chasing after these highly sought-after fish,” says John Smith, an avid angler from Fredericton.

Besides striped bass, the Saint John River is home to thriving sturgeon populations. This adds another exciting fishing option for those who fancy other interesting fish.

No matter your fishing level, the Saint John River is a gem. Its lively fish population and lovely views make it great for any angler. Being in Fredericton is a plus, as it’s a welcoming, must-see spot for fishing fans.

Hammond River – Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout Paradise

Hammond River

The Hammond River is a well-kept secret, flowing into the Kennebecasis River in New Brunswick. It’s famous for its lots of Atlantic salmon and brook trout. This makes it heaven for those who love to fish.

The Hammond River Angling Association (HRAA) is key to keeping the river in great shape. They work hard to make sure there are plenty of fish for the future. Their efforts help ensure people can keep enjoying fishing in this beautiful place.

If you love to fish and want to take on the Hammond River, there are many spots to get in. You can fish in quiet places along the river. The calm and stunning surroundings make fishing here more than just about the catch.

Here, you can fish for Atlantic salmon and brook trout. Catching Atlantic salmon here is tough but very rewarding. They’re known for putting up a good fight, making fishing here exciting for everyone.

And if you’re after brook trout, this river has a lot of them. Catching these fish in the clear water is a special experience.

Hammond River Angling Association

The Hammond River Angling Association (HRAA) works to protect the Hammond River. They do stream fixes, bring back habitats, and teach others. This ensures the river stays great for fishing Atlantic salmon and brook trout.

The HRAA also has camps and programs for kids and adults. They want to grow a love for fishing and caring for nature. They welcome all fishermen, offering tips and knowledge to folks of all levels.

Hammond River Fishing Regulations

Knowing the rules for fishing on the Hammond River is very important. The New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development sets these rules. They keep the fish safe, making sure there’s fishing for the future.

Fishing LicenseSeasonBag Limit
Resident AnglerApril 15 – October 152 Atlantic salmon per day
Non-Resident AnglerJune 1 – September 301 Atlantic salmon per day
All AnglersYear-roundNo brook trout size restrictions

Following these rules is a must for anyone fishing here. It helps keep the river’s ecosystem healthy and promotes fishing for many years.

For a once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip, head to the Hammond River. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this place, famous for its Atlantic salmon and brook trout. It’s a chance to make unforgettable memories in nature.

Bay of Fundy – A Sport Fisher’s Paradise

The Bay of Fundy is famous for its big tides, which are the highest in the world. It’s a perfect place for sport fishing. You can catch a wide variety of fish, such as cod, flounder, and even sharks.

For a chance to catch the big ones, consider a fishing charter. St. Andrews Sport Fishing Co. is a top choice. They have skilled captains who will take you to the best fishing spots.

This bay is also known for its lobster and scallop fishing. These activities by local fishermen offer fresh and sustainable food choices for everyone.

When you’re fishing here, watch for cool sea creatures like seals and porpoises. You’ll also see many bird types. The bay is a lively home for these animals, making your fishing trip more special.

For both amateurs and pros, the Bay of Fundy is an exciting place to fish. There are plenty of fish, stunning views, and fishing charters ready for you. Don’t miss this sport fishing haven.

Chaleur Bay – Shellfish Harvest and More

Chaleur Bay is in northeastern New Brunswick and is famous for its shellfish and fishing. The bay has clean waters and a lot of marine life. This makes it a paradise for those who love seafood and fishing.

The bay is full of different types of shellfish. You can find everything from bar clams to mussels and scallops there. It’s a great place for anyone who loves fresh seafood or cooking with it. Chaleur Bay should be on your list of places to visit.

Besides shellfish, the bay is perfect for fishing. You can catch cod, eel, and many more fish. People from all over come to fish in these productive waters.

Mackerel fishing is very popular in Chaleur Bay. Mackerel are fast and fun to catch. It’s a great place for both experienced and beginner anglers.

Enjoy the beauty of Chaleur Bay while fishing. Its scenery and marine life make fishing here unforgettable.

Chaleur Bay is also a top spot for ice fishing in winter. You can catch different fish while enjoying the quiet of the frozen bay.

Get Your Fishing License

Don’t forget your fishing license before going to Chaleur Bay. Everyone needs one to fish in New Brunswick. You can buy them online or at many shops. Always follow the rules to protect the bay’s nature.

Discover the Wonders of Chaleur Bay

Explore the bay’s shellfish and fishing. Try the tasty seafood, fish in its waters, and see its beautiful views. Chaleur Bay is an amazing coastal spot.

Shellfish SpeciesFishing Species
Bar clamsCod
Soft-shell clamsEel
Razor clamsGaspereau

Grand Lake – A Haven for Multiple Species

North of Gagetown sits Grand Lake, a stunning spot for anglers. This lake is perfect for those wanting to catch various fish. Many fishing lovers choose it for its vast waters and the chance to find different species.

Lake Trout Fishing

Grand Lake is famous for its lake trout. These fish are big and strong, offering a great challenge. You can try different fishing methods here like trolling, casting, or ice fishing to catch one.

Landlocked Salmon Fishing

Besides trout, there are also plenty of landlocked salmon in Grand Lake. Catching them is a tough and fun challenge. They jump a lot and are not easy to find, adding to the thrill of fishing here.

Other Species

This lake isn’t just about trout and salmon. It’s also home to burbot and whitefish. Burbot stand out because they are odd-looking and active at night. Whitefish taste great and are good for many recipes, offering more options for anglers.

Grand Lake is great for fishing and has good lake access for anglers. It has boat ramps and camping areas that let you stay close to these great fishing spots. Anglers can enjoy the beautiful surroundings while fishing in this calm lake.

Keep in mind, the wind can affect fishing conditions here. Anglers should check the weather before heading out to fish. This will help make their fishing trip more successful and fun.

SpeciesBest Time to FishFishing Techniques
Lake TroutSpring and FallTrolling, Casting, Ice Fishing
Landlocked SalmonSpring and FallTrolling, Casting
BurbotWinterIce Fishing
WhitefishYear-roundTrolling, Bottom Fishing


New Brunswick has incredible fishing spots for every angler. You can fish in famous rivers like the Miramichi and Restigouche or explore diverse places like the Saint John River and Chaleur Bay. These spots offer chances to catch fish such as Atlantic salmon, brook trout, and striped bass. To enhance your fishing trip, consider using a guide or getting advice from local shops.

Are you ready to fish in New Brunswick?

Pack your fishing gear and get set for a great trip. Discover the beautiful rivers, bays, and lakes. Enjoy the deep fishing history of this province. Whether you’re new to fishing or have lots of experience, New Brunswick is ready to offer you amazing fishing memories.

For an overview of the Best Fishing Spots in Canada, please check this guide.

FAQ about Best Fishing Spots in New Brunswick

What are the best fishing spots in New Brunswick?

Some top fishing spots are the Miramichi River, Cains River, and the Restigouche River. Others include Saint John River, Hammond River, and Grand Lake. The Bay of Fundy and Chaleur Bay also offer great fishing grounds.

What can I catch in the Miramichi River?

The Miramichi River is prime for Atlantic salmon. It has more Atlantic salmon than any North American river.

Where can I find sea-run brook trout in New Brunswick?

The Cains River is your spot for sea-run brook trout. It has some of the largest in Eastern Canada. Look for deep pools while paddling.

What species of fish can I target in the Restigouche River?

The Restigouche River is famous for its salmon. Thousands migrate here each year. Restigouche salmon are very aggressive.

Where can I go fishing for striped bass in New Brunswick?

For striped bass, head to the Saint John River. It’s the top spot in Canada for these sea-run fish. You’ll also find Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon.

What are the prime fishing opportunities in the Hammond River?

Try the Hammond River for Atlantic salmon and brook trout. It’s known for rich fish habitat. Plus, it offers a great fishing experience.

What can I catch in the Bay of Fundy?

The Bay of Fundy has a lot to offer anglers. You can fish for cod, haddock, and halibut. Mackerel, flounder, and even Porbeagle sharks are also there.

What can I find in Chaleur Bay for fishing?

Chaleur Bay is rich in shellfish. It has bar clams, soft-shell clams, and more. You can also catch species like cod, eel, and smelt there.

What species can I target in Grand Lake?

Grand Lake is great for catching lake trout and whitefish. Burbot and stocked landlocked salmon are also plentiful there.

Where can I find more information about fishing in New Brunswick?

Looking for more on fishing in New Brunswick? New Brunswick fishing guides are a good start. For local tips, visit tackle shops for expert advice.

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