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Quebec’s pristine lakes and rivers offer unmatched fishing adventures. Iconic trout, feisty bass, and mighty walleye await. Quebec promises an outdoor escapade like none other.

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Quebec’s unspoiled wilderness is a premier angling destination. It offers world-class fishing for all skill levels. Prepare for an unforgettable Canadian journey through coveted hotspots.

  • Over 15,000 rivers and streams offer endless fishing adventures.
  • Diverse species like walleye, bass, trout, and salmon cater to preferences.
  • From family-friendly to remote backcountry, Quebec has locales for all.
  • Iconic spots include Réservoir Gouin, St. Lawrence River, and Lac Témiscouata.
  • Fishing requires licenses and adhering to species quotas.


Best Fishing Spots in Quebec

Quebec’s vast wilderness, with pristine lakes and rivers, offers anglers extraordinary fishing destinations to explore and enjoy.

Quebec’s vast wilderness, with pristine lakes and rivers, offers anglers extraordinary fishing destinations to explore and enjoy where pristine waters and breathtaking landscapes converge, creating premier spots for the ultimate angling experience.

This Canadian province is an angler’s paradise with diverse waterways that provide endless fishing opportunities for enthusiasts of all levels.

Quebec’s Exceptional Fishing Opportunities

Quebec’s diverse geographical wonders, encompassing rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, provide anglers with endless fishing opportunities to explore and enjoy.

The province’s diverse fishing spots cater to every angler’s skill level and preference, offering a wide range of experiences to enjoy in Quebec’s stunning wilderness.

Anglers can pursue their passion and create unforgettable moments in Quebec’s stunning wilderness, where diverse fishing spots cater to all skill levels and preferences.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission, at no extra cost to you.

Diverse Waterways and Species

Quebec’s waterways are home to prized fish species like brook trout and bass.

Anglers can also target powerful walleye and elusive northern pike.

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The province offers an unparalleled adventure to test skills and reel in trophy catches.

With its vast network of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, Quebec beckons anglers.

Explore diverse fishing grounds and immerse in the thrill of the chase.

Anglers can enjoy breathtaking natural beauty while fishing.

Water BodyFish SpeciesBest Fishing Months
Lac ColletBrook Trout, SplakeMay, June, September
Lac des ÎlesBrook Trout, Rainbow TroutMay, June, September, October
Lac des NeigesBrook Trout, Lake TroutJune
Lac PalBrook TroutMay, September
Lac TémiscouataBrook Trout, Lake TroutMay, June
Réserve Faunique de PortneufBrook TroutMay, June, August, September
Réserve de GouinWalleye, Northern PikeMay, June
St. Lawrence RiverMulti-speciesMay to November
Best Fishing Spots in Quebec

Réserve Faunique de Portneuf

brook trout fishing in Portneuf

The Réserve Faunique de Portneuf is northwest of Quebec City. It’s a paradise for brook trout fishing enthusiasts. With 375 lakes and 11 rivers, this accessible reserve offers abundant fish.

It’s an excellent choice for novice and experienced anglers alike. The large amount of fishing spots caters to all skill levels.

Brook Trout Paradise

Anglers seeking thrilling brook trout fishing find paradise here. Lac des Mousses is renowned for apprentice anglers. They can hone skills and reel in brook trout serenely.

It’s an accessible setting for beginners to enjoy the sport.

Accessible Fishing Spots

Apart from Lac des Mousses, the reserve offers diverse spots. Lac Lapeyère is ideal for seasoned anglers seeking challenge. The Rivière Batiscan promises unforgettable fly fishing adventures.

The reserve caters to every angler’s needs. It offers accessible lakes and rivers with unique experiences. From family-friendly spots to isolated corners, all expertise levels find suitable fishing.

Lac Témiscouata

Lac Témiscouata scenic fishing

Nestled in Lac Témiscouata National Park, the 45-kilometer-long Lac Témiscouata offers breathtaking scenery. This pristine lake provides exceptional fishing opportunities for brook trout and lake trout.

It’s a premier destination for anglers passionate about scenic fishing.

Scenic Waterscape

Lac Témiscouata beckons visitors with picturesque surroundings and serene ambiance. The lake stretches through a glacial valley, flanked by rolling hills and forests.

It creates a stunning backdrop for unforgettable fishing experiences. Whether casting from shore or drifting across glassy waters, tranquility awaits.

Brook and Lake Trout Fishing

Anglers flock here to pursue prized brook trout and lake trout thriving in cool, oxygenated waters. The lake is well-stocked, offering ample opportunities for memorable catches.

The best fishing times are May and June when trout are most active.

Using three-inch suspending hard baits is recommended for luring both brook and lake trout.

LakeLengthNotable Species
Lac Témiscouata45 kmBrook trout, Lake trout
Lac Saint-Jean1,076.03 km²28 species of fish
Lake Tremblant15 kmLaurentides region
Lake Walker280 m (depth)Deepest lake in Quebec
Best Fishing Spots in Quebec

With pristine waters, abundant fish, and breathtaking scenery, Lac Témiscouata is a must-visit for anglers seeking scenic fishing in Quebec’s wilderness.

Réservoir Gouin

walleye fishing in Réservoir Gouin

In central Quebec, the man-made Réservoir Gouin is a marvel. It beckons anglers from afar to its vast expanse. This expansive reservoir, with interconnected lakes, bays, and channels, is paradise. It’s an ideal destination for extended fishing trips.

Expansive Man-made Reservoir

The Réservoir Gouin spans a vast area. It’s a massive man-made waterbody offering an unparalleled angling experience. Its sheer size and intricate network provide fishing hotspots galore. It’s prime for seasoned and novice anglers alike.

Walleye and Northern Pike Hotspot

The Réservoir Gouin boasts abundant walleye and northern pike populations. These are two of central Quebec’s most sought-after freshwater species. Anglers flock here, using jigs and soft-plastic lures to entice catches.

Walleye, or “Doré,” can reach impressive sizes over 5.5 kilograms (12.5 lbs). The reservoir’s northern pike are aggressive, ranging from 1.4 to 7 kilograms (3–15 lbs).

SpeciesTypical Weight RangeMaximum Weight
Walleye (Doré)1–1.4 kilograms (2–3 lbs)Over 5.5 kilograms (12.5 lbs)
Northern Pike1.4–7 kilograms (3–15 lbs)

With prime fishing and picturesque surroundings, Réservoir Gouin is mecca. Local and international anglers flock to this central Quebec gem. They seek their next trophy catch in its waters.

St. Lawrence River

Multi-species angling in St. Lawrence River

The St. Lawrence River near Montmagny offers unmatched fishing opportunities. This legendary waterway has a variety of fish species. From walleye to lake sturgeon, brown bullhead to perch, all can reach impressive sizes.

From May to November, the St. Lawrence River promises diverse angling. Whether seasoned or novice, arm yourself with hook, worm, jigs, or crankbaits. You’ll be equipped to reel in prized catches.

A Democratic Fishing Haven

Fishing in the St. Lawrence River is accessible. No special permit is required for one of North America’s longest rivers. Around 80% of Québec’s population resides in the St. Lawrence Valley, making it a fishing spot for all.

Fruitful Fishing Spots

The St. Lawrence River offers fruitful fishing spots along banks, tributaries, and municipal wharves. Anglers often find success where rivers flow in, with well-oxygenated water and abundant food attracting diverse fish species.

Popular spots for multi-species angling include:

  • Where the Montmorency River flows in
  • The Bay of Beauport
  • The marina in Saint-Romuald

Diverse Angling Opportunities

The St. Lawrence River is renowned for yellow pike fishing, often using jigs near rocky structures. However, anglers can target various freshwater species, including:

  • Bass
  • Bullhead
  • Brill
  • Striped bass
  • Walleye
  • Smelt
  • Sturgeon
  • Burbot
  • Muskellunge
  • Perch
  • Redfish

Whether using rod and reel, jigs, or crankbaits, the St. Lawrence River promises an unforgettable multi-species fishing experience for all skill levels.

Best Fishing Spots in Quebec

Quebec’s world-class fishing spots boast many fish species, making it a must-visit destination for anglers seeking diverse angling experiences.

Lac Collet: Brook Trout and Splake

Lac Collet is reached by horseback. It’s great for brook trout. Splake fishing is also prime.

The best times are May, June, and September. These fish are most active.

Lac des Îles: Brook and Rainbow Trout

Lac des Îles is family-friendly. You can catch brook trout. Rainbow trout are also found.

Spring and fall are ideal. Anglers of all ages enjoy it.

Lac des Neiges: Brook and Lake Trout

Lac des Neiges is in Côte-de-Beaupré. It has trophy lake trout.

The lake is pristine. Large specimens are caught here.

June is prime for lake trout.

Lac Pal: Brook Trout

Némiskau outfitter has Lac Pal. Quality brook trout fishing is offered.It’s luxurious yet affordable. Brook trout are at their prime. The best times are May, September.

Family-Friendly Fishing Destinations

Québec has many family-friendly fishing spots. These beautiful places let kids experience catching fish. They also create lasting memories with loved ones.

Parc National d’Aiguebelle

Parc National d’Aiguebelle is great for family fishing trips. Lakes like Lac Loïs and Lac Matissard offer excellent day fishing packages. Kids can catch trout in a pristine setting.

The park’s scenic beauty and well-equipped facilities make it ideal. Families seek an unforgettable fishing adventure here.

Réserve Faunique des Laurentides

Réserve Faunique des Laurentides has numerous lakes with brook trout. It’s fantastic for kid-friendly fishing. Spots like Lac à Jack and Rivière Pikauba have excellent facilities.

Expert guidance ensures a memorable experience for young anglers. With abundant fishing and family-friendly amenities, it’s a must-visit.

Réserve Faunique La Vérendrye

Grand Lac Victoria in Réserve Faunique La Vérendrye is a walleye hotspot. It promises an exciting fishing adventure for families. With sandy shores and a picturesque setting, it’s ideal for introducing kids to angling.

Whether seeking a laid-back day or extended weekend, Grand Lac Victoria offers exceptional fishing and family-friendly amenities.

  • Parc National d’Aiguebelle: Lac Loïs, Lac Matissard
  • Réserve Faunique des Laurentides: Lac à Jack, Rivière Pikauba
  • Réserve Faunique La Vérendrye: Grand Lac Victoria

Experienced Angler Hotspots

Quebec offers exceptional fishing destinations for seasoned anglers. These hotspots challenge their expertise while allowing them to indulge in their passion.

Parc National de la Gaspésie

Within the Parc National de la Gaspésie, Lac à Claude invites skilled anglers. This remote lake offers serene waters and pristine surroundings. Anglers can immerse in nature, reeling in prized catches while potentially observing majestic wildlife like moose.

Parc National des Grands-Jardins

The Parc National des Grands-Jardins is an angler’s paradise. Its sublime Lac des Castors offers skilled fishing opportunities. The fish here are renowned for their eagerness to bite. With pristine waters and picturesque surroundings, Lac des Castors promises an unforgettable angling experience.

Réserve Faunique de Matane

The Réserve Faunique de Matane offers two exceptional destinations. Vast Lac Matane is perfect for wade fishing, allowing immersion while casting against stunning mountain views. For a thrilling challenge, swift Ruisseau Dunière stream provides an exhilarating wade fishing experience.

DestinationHighlightsBest Season
Parc National de la GaspésieSecluded Lac à Claude, wildlife viewingSpring, Fall
Parc National des Grands-JardinsPristine Lac des Castors, eager fishSummer
Réserve Faunique de MataneLac Matane for wade fishing, Ruisseau Dunière streamLate Spring, Early Fall
Best Fishing Spots in Quebec

Backcountry Fishing Adventures

Seeking an authentic backcountry fishing experience?
Quebec offers remote, secluded destinations.
Unforgettable adventures await the intrepid angler.

Venture into untamed wilderness, where
pristine waters teem with fish.
Cast your line in tranquility.

Parc National des Grands-Jardins

The Parc National des Grands-Jardins
is a backcountry fishing paradise.
Lac des Castors beckons anglers.

It offers high-quality fishing in
pristine wilderness after a short hike.
Towering peaks surround untouched landscapes.

Réserve Faunique Ashuapmushuan

Seek remote fishing spots and a true backcountry challenge?

The Réserve Faunique Ashuapmushuan is ideal.

Lac Hopi is a pike
angler’s haven. Wade fishing and
canoe casting yield incredible catches.

Test your skills against fierce
predators in their natural rugged
wilderness habitat. A dream destination.

Réserve Faunique des Laurentides

The Réserve Faunique des Laurentides
offers an immersive backcountry adventure.
Venture off the beaten path.

Lac Allioux, a secluded lake,
teems with native brook trout.
Connect with nature, catch elusive fish.

Experience the thrill in a
pristine environment, tucked away in
the reserve’s heart.

RegionFishing SpotSpeciesHighlights
Parc National des Grands-JardinsLac des CastorsBrook TroutShort hike, pristine wilderness
Réserve Faunique AshuapmushuanLac HopiNorthern PikeWade fishing, canoe fishing
Réserve Faunique des LaurentidesLac AlliouxBrook TroutSecluded, immersive experience
Best Fishing Spots in Quebec

Special Rules and Regulations

Québec’s fishing scene has diverse regulations. These rules protect fish populations. They promote preserving natural resources.

Rainbow Smelt Fishing

In Québec, anglers can fish for rainbow smelt. Rainbow smelt are small fish. They are found in salmon rivers.

Rainbow smelt fishing is allowed at night. It takes place from December to April. Anglers must use authorized gear.

Whitefish, Burbot, and Crustaceans

Specific fishing is permitted for whitefish and burbot. There are rules for crustaceans too. These unique species offer diverse opportunities.

The rules ensure sustainable harvesting practices.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing

Atlantic salmon fishing is highly popular in Québec. There are special rules and quotas. These prized fish attract worldwide anglers.

Responsible management is essential for these majestic fish.

Striped BassLength limits
Lake SturgeonLength limits
MuskellungeLength limits
Landlocked SalmonLength limits
Lake TroutLength limits
Char (Northern Zones)Catch weight limits
Best Fishing Spots in Quebec

Other species have length or weight limits. These include striped bass, sturgeon, muskellunge, salmon, and trout.

By following Quebec fishing regulations, anglers contribute. They support sustainable resource management.


Quebec’s untouched waters and varied species make it a true fisherman’s heaven. It offers a remarkable outdoor escapade.

From the renowned brook trout to the mighty walleye and northern pike, this picturesque region provides endless chances. Anglers of all skill levels can immerse in an unforgettable fishing journey.

Seek family-friendly spots like Parc National d’Aiguebelle or backcountry trips in Réserve Faunique Ashuapmushuan. Or, pursue trophy catches in the St. Lawrence River. Quebec’s premier fishing destinations promise lifelong memories.

The Richelieu River, 124km long with 300m average width, flaunts a kaleidoscope of species. 36 catchable varieties include Redfish, Largemouth Bass, Bowfin, Rudd, and Burbot.

Gear up for an angling adventure through breathtaking landscapes, where your next trophy awaits. Quebec’s pristine waters, teeming with prized fish, offer a true angler’s paradise.

For an overview of the best fishing spots in Canada, please check this guide.

FAQ about Best Fishing Spots in Quebec

What are some of the best fishing spots in Quebec for brook trout?

The Réserve Faunique de Portneuf has 375 lakes and 11 rivers. Lac des Mousses is renowned for brook trout abundance. Lac Collet, through Waban-Aki outfitter, is another top brook trout spot.

Where can I find scenic fishing destinations in Quebec?

Lac Témiscouata in Lac Témiscouata National Park offers breathtaking scenery. Parc National des Grands-Jardins’ backcountry lakes like Lac des Castors promise wilderness fishing.

What are some good spots for walleye and northern pike fishing in Quebec?

The Réservoir Gouin is renowned for walleye and northern pike. The St. Lawrence River near Montmagny is a multi-species fishing mecca.

Are there any family-friendly fishing destinations in Quebec?

Parc National d’Aiguebelle’s Lac Loïs and Lac Matissard offer excellent day fishing packages. Réserve Faunique des Laurentides and Réserve Faunique La Vérendrye’s Grand Lac Victoria are great family options.

Where can experienced anglers find challenging fishing spots in Quebec?

Parc National de la Gaspésie’s Lac à Claude, Grands-Jardins’ Lac des Castors, and Réserve Faunique de Matane’s Lac Matane offer challenges for skilled anglers.

Are there any remote backcountry fishing adventures in Quebec?

Grands-Jardins’ Lac des Castors, Réserve Faunique Ashuapmushuan’s Lac Hopi, and Laurentides’ Lac Allioux offer remote backcountry fishing experiences.

What are some special fishing regulations in Quebec?

Rainbow smelt night fishing is permitted in designated salmon rivers. Atlantic salmon fishing is highly regulated. Species like lake sturgeon have specific limits.

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