Best Fishing Spots in Prince Edward Island

Discover the Best Fishing Spots in Prince Edward Island with our detailed guide to the top angling destinations and premier waters for an unforgettable catch.

Are you ready to fish in Prince Edward Island?

This beautiful place is great for fishing. It has amazing views and a lively culture, making it a top pick for people who love to fish.

The island is so varied. You can fish in the rich Gulf of St. Lawrence or in calm streams. You’ll find spots perfect for both experts and beginners.

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  • Prince Edward Island is a top destination for fishing enthusiasts.
  • PEI offers a variety of fishing experiences, including deep-sea fishing, freshwater fishing, and shore fishing.
  • The island is known for its abundance of Bluefin Tuna, Cod, Atlantic Mackerel, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, and White Perch.
  • Anglers can choose from a range of fishing spots, such as North Lake Harbour, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and freshwater streams and rivers.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, there’s a fishing spot in PEI that’s perfect for you.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing in North Lake Harbour

Best Fishing Spots in Prince Edward Island

North Lake Harbour in Prince Edward Island is known as the “Tuna Capital of the World.” This beautiful place is perfect for catching Bluefin Tuna. These big fish weigh 200-600 pounds, making fishing here really exciting.

The late summer and early fall are the best times for Bluefin Tuna fishing here. That’s when these fish are most active. People from all over come to North Lake Harbour to catch these prized fish.

Trolling with squid bait is a top method for catching Bluefin Tuna. The charter boats in North Lake Harbour have everything you need. They know how to help you have a great fishing day.

“There’s nothing quite like the thrill of reeling in a massive Bluefin Tuna. North Lake Harbour offers an unmatched opportunity to test your skills and witness the power of these legendary fish.” – Captain Mark Thompson, North Lake Charters

North Lake Harbour is truly the best place to catch Bluefin Tuna. Its clear waters are full of these big fish. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, this spot is perfect for a great fishing trip.

Cod Fishing in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Cod fishing is a big deal in Prince Edward Island. It’s a key part of the island’s fishing way of life. People from all over come to the Gulf of St. Lawrence for its many cod fish.

The best time for Cod fishing in PEI is from summer to early fall. This time is great for fishing. The water is full of Cod, which makes it fun and exciting.

Anglers often find Cod between 5 to 20 pounds in the Gulf. This makes for great fishing stories. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to fishing or have been doing it for a while. Catching a Cod is always a big moment.

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Fishing for Cod is not just about the catch. It also shows off the island’s fishing culture. Many places in PEI rely on fishing. The people who run the fishing boats have deep experience.

If you want to catch some Cod and learn about PEI’s fishing ways, head to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It will be a trip you’ll remember.

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The Gulf of St. Lawrence has a rich history of cod fishing, deeply embedded in the cultural and economic fabric of Eastern Canada, particularly for communities in Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador.

However, the cod stocks in the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence are currently in a critical state, with the population at just 10% of its limit reference point. This has led to significant management measures, including the closure of the directed commercial fishery for Northern Gulf cod to allow the stock to rebuild.Despite these challenges, recreational and Indigenous fisheries continue under regulated conditions, allowing for the cultural traditions of cod fishing to persist.

The government is committed to working with stakeholders to regenerate the cod stock, aiming for a future where a viable commercial fishery can be re-established.The warming waters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence are also impacting the ecosystem, leading to changes in species distribution and abundance.

This environmental shift is influencing the balance of marine life, further complicating the recovery of cod stocks.For those interested in experiencing cod fishing and the rich maritime culture of PEI, the Gulf of St. Lawrence offers a unique and memorable opportunity, even as efforts continue to ensure the sustainability of this vital fishery.

Atlantic Mackerel Fishing in PEI

Atlantic Mackerel Fishing in PEI

Imagine fishing for Atlantic Mackerel in the beautiful Prince Edward Island. These fish look amazing and give a fun challenge to fishermen of all levels. They are known for their strong bites and quick dashes, making fishing very exciting.

Throw your line into the clear waters and you might catch mackerel from 10 to 16 inches long. When you feel a mackerel hit your line, get ready for an exciting fight. These fish are strong and won’t come easily.

Fishing for mackerel in PEI is perfect for families. It’s a great chance to show your family the fun of fishing. You’ll make memories surrounded by the stunning coastal views of the island.

In PEI, you can catch as many mackerel as you want. This means you can fully enjoy your fishing without worrying about limits. Forget the rules and enjoy the thrill of catching Atlantic Mackerel in these rich waters.

Don’t miss the chance for an amazing fishing trip with your loved ones in PEI. The island is known for its plenty of fish, beautiful sights, and the freedom to catch as many mackerel as you want. It’s a dream spot for anyone looking for a fun and memorable fishing trip.

Benefits of Atlantic Mackerel Fishing in PEI
Thrilling angling experience
Visually stunning fish
Opportunity for family outings
No bag limit on legally-sized catches

Freshwater Fishing for Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout

Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout in Freshwater Fishing

Prince Edward Island’s rivers and streams are perfect for fishing, especially for two fish types: Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout. Anglers love coming here to catch these fish and enjoy the beautiful natural views of PEI.

Brook Trout: The Native Gem

Brook Trout, also called Speckled Trout, are native to Prince Edward Island. They live in the island’s cold, clear streams. This makes them top targets for fishing lovers. Known for their bright colors and great taste, catching a Brook Trout is both a fun challenge and a tasty treat.

“Hooking a Brook Trout is an exhilarating experience. The fight they put up is unmatched, and their distinct markings are simply breathtaking.” – Local Fishing Guide

Rainbow Trout: A Welcomed Addition

Rainbow Trout, though not native, have made PEI’s freshwater areas their home. These fish are famous for their jumping abilities and strong fights. They give anglers a fun time and are stocked in some rivers and lakes. This helps keep the fishing scene varied on the island.

Fly fishing is a great way to catch both Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout in PEI. It involves casting a fly that looks like an insect and moves on the water. The island has many places that are popular for fly fishing.

Two favorite spots for trout fishing on PEI are Morell and Valleyfield Rivers. They’re beautiful and full of trout. No matter your skill level, these rivers are perfect for practicing fly fishing and making great fishing memories.

Popular Freshwater Fishing Spots in PEISpecies
Morell RiverBrook Trout, Rainbow Trout
Valleyfield RiverBrook Trout, Rainbow Trout
Nine Mile CreekBrook Trout
Winter RiverBrook Trout
Hope RiverBrook Trout

Anglers should always check local fishing rules in these popular locations. It’s important to release the fish you catch to keep the trout populations healthy. This helps protect PEI’s natural waterways.

So, get your fishing gear ready and visit Prince Edward Island. Enjoy the calm of the island’s waters while catching exciting fish like Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout. It’s a great way to create lasting fishing memories.

White Perch Fishing in PEI’s Freshwater

White Perch fishing

White Perch and Yellow Perch are top picks for fishing in Prince Edward Island’s lakes and rivers. They make fishing exciting for both experts and beginners. Catching these fish can be very rewarding.

White Perch are usually 8-10 inches and fight fiercely. They’re great for those who like to fish with light gear or worms. Since they’re found in many PEI waters, they’re a good choice for anglers at any skill level.

Yellow Perch, meanwhile, are often hunted during winter by ice fishing fans. This activity is very popular in PEI. In winter, when lakes and rivers freeze, it’s a great time to find Yellow Perch.

For those new to ice fishing, being safe is key. Always check the ice, wear warm, waterproof clothes, and bring the right gear. With the correct preparations, fishing for Yellow Perch in PEI’s icy waters can be thrilling.

Both White Perch and Yellow Perch let anglers experience PEI’s beautiful outdoors. They offer chances to catch some big fish. So, whether you fish in warm or cold weather, PEI’s lakes and rivers are waiting for you.

Shore Fishing in Prince Edward Island

Shore Fishing in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island has sandy beaches and rocky outcrops perfect for shore fishing. It’s a great spot for both experienced anglers and newcomers. You’ll find many fishing opportunities along the island’s varied shoreline.

On the island, you can catch popular species like Atlantic Mackerel, Cod, and Flounder. People fish from the shore using methods such as surfcasting and fly fishing.

Surfcasting is about casting your line out into the waves with a long rod. This lets you fish in deep waters. It’s exciting and skillful, with the thrill of a big catch in the strong waves.

Fly fishing uses special lightweight flies that look like insects or small fish. You cast them onto the water to attract fish. This skillful approach is seen as enjoyable and spiritually connecting for anglers.

When fishing from shore, choosing the right lures is key. They should look like the fish local species eat. Knowing how tides and weather affect fishing, and the best spots to fish, also matters a lot.

Shore fishing is not just about the catch. It’s a way to enjoy Prince Edward Island’s beauty. The lovely views, sounds of the sea, and friendly people make it a memorable adventure.

Fly Fishing in PEI’s Freshwater Streams and Rivers

PEI’s freshwater streams and rivers create a haven for fly fishing lovers. The stunning scenery and wide variety of fish species make it perfect for those who love to fish.

The Morell River stands out in PEI for fly fishing. Its clear waters and diverse fish life are home to species like the Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon.

Anglers at the Morell River can use many techniques. They fish with dry flies or nymphs to match the fish’s habits and feeding.

If you’re after Brook Trout, the Morell River is an excellent spot. They are vibrant, fierce fish. Anglers can try different flies to draw them in.

Anglers might also catch Atlantic Salmon in Morell River. These fish are known for their power and leaps when caught. Talented anglers use special methods to catch these salmon.

To do well, fly anglers should know about the local bugs that fish eat. By using the right bait, they can improve their chances of catching a fish.

PEI’s streams and rivers are great for both new and experienced fly fishers. The beautiful views and excitement of catching a special fish make it a memorable experience for everyone.

Deep Sea Fishing in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is known for its deep waters, especially around “Tuna Alley.” These places are perfect for deep sea fishing. The main catch is the Bluefin Tuna, but you can also find Cod and other types.

If you want the best experience, consider a fishing charter. They come with skilled skippers and crews. They have the know-how and gear to help you catch these prized fish.

Benefits of Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Booking a fishing charter for deep sea fishing can really step up your game. Here’s why it’s a good idea:

  • Expert Guidance: The knowledgeable skippers and crews know these waters and the fish habits well. They will take you to the prime fishing spots and up your chances of catching something big.
  • Quality Equipment: Fishing charters have the best gear for deep sea fishing. You get to use strong rods, high-tech fish finders, and more. This gear is made for serious fishing.
  • Safety: Fishing at sea can be tough, especially if you’re new. Charters put safety first, with life jackets, emergency tools, and a staff that knows first aid. They’ll take good care of you.
  • Convenience: A charter makes your trip easy. They handle everything, from planning to the end of the trip. You can just focus on the fun of fishing while they deal with the details.

A day with a fishing charter in Prince Edward Island is perfect for anyone who loves fishing. Whether you’re after the amazing Bluefin Tuna or some tasty Cod, PEI’s deep sea is full of adventure.

SpeciesBest Time to FishRecord Catch
Bluefin TunaJuly to October1496 lbs
CodMay to October75 lbs
Other SpeciesVaries by speciesVaries by species


Prince Edward Island, or PEI, is a dream spot for fishing fans. Its beautiful landscapes, clean waters, and rich marine life make it perfect. Anglers come from all over to try their luck here.

Imagine pulling in huge Bluefin Tuna or catching Cod in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The excitement never ends. If you like fishing in fresh water, you can target different trout and White Perch.

Not into boats? No problem. You can fish from the shore in PEI. This way, you can relax, enjoy the views, and still catch lots of fish. The island has plenty of places for all fishing levels.

Are you an experienced fisher or just starting? PEI has something for everyone. You can choose between thrilling deep-sea fishing or calm freshwater spots. It’s time to grab your fishing gear and head to Prince Edward Island!

FAQ about Best Fishing Spots in Prince Edward Island

What are the best fishing spots in Prince Edward Island?

North Lake Harbour is great for Bluefin Tuna. The Gulf of St. Lawrence is best for Cod. Morell and Valleyfield Rivers are awesome for Brook and Rainbow Trout.

When is the best time to fish for Bluefin Tuna in PEI?

Late summer to early fall is prime time for Bluefin Tuna in PEI.

What is the “Tuna Capital of the World” in Prince Edward Island?

North Lake Harbour is the “Tuna Capital of the World.” It’s known for superb Bluefin Tuna fishing.

What fishing techniques are popular for catching Bluefin Tuna?

Trolling with squid bait is how many catch Bluefin Tuna in PEI.

When is the Cod fishing season in PEI?

Cod fishing season in PEI runs from mid-summer to early autumn.

What is the bag limit for Atlantic Mackerel in PEI?

There’s no daily bag limit for Atlantic Mackerel of legal size in PEI.

What are some popular spots for fly fishing in Prince Edward Island?

The Morell and Valleyfield Rivers are fly fishing hot spots in PEI. They’re known for Brook and Rainbow Trout.

Where can I go ice fishing for Yellow Perch in PEI?

Ice fishing for Yellow Perch is great in PEI’s freshwater lakes and rivers.

What are some popular species for shore fishing in PEI?

Atlantic Mackerel, Cod, and Flounder are top picks for shore fishing in PEI.

Where can I go deep sea fishing in PEI?

Head to PEI’s deep waters, like “Tuna Alley,” for top-notch deep sea fishing.

Why is Prince Edward Island an angler’s paradise?

PEI is a dream for anglers with its varied fishing spots and abundant sea life. It’s perfect for different fishing adventures.

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