Best Remote Fishing Spots in Canada

Discover Canada's finest remote fishing spots. Experience world-class angling in pristine wilderness. Find the Best Remote Fishing Spots in Canada for your next adventure.

Canada’s vast wilderness offers the ultimate fishing adventure. Its stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters are home to diverse fish species. From British Columbia’s salmon runs to Manitoba’s trophy lake trout, Canada is an angler’s paradise.

The Great White North boasts hidden gems for outdoor enthusiasts. These remote fishing spots promise unforgettable experiences in nature’s grandeur.

Key Takeaways about Best Remote Fishing Spots in Canada

  • Discover the top remote fishing destinations in Canada, from coast to coast
  • Explore diverse angling experiences, including fly-fishing, ice fishing, and luxury lodge accommodations
  • Learn about the abundance of trophy-sized fish, such as massive pike, walleye, and bluefin tuna
  • Uncover the natural wonders and unique wildlife that make Canada’s remote fishing spots so captivating
  • Familiarize yourself with the fishing regulations and guide services to plan your ultimate angling adventure

Unveiling Nature’s Angling Treasures

Canada is a paradise for anglers. It has many world-class fishing spots for all skill levels. The country offers great chances for remote and wilderness fishing.

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Canada’s Unparalleled Fishing Destinations

The French River is a top fishing spot in Canada. It links Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay in Lake Huron. This 110-kilometer river is home to many fish species.

Pike, musky, walleye, and bass thrive in these waters. Over 50 lodges and marinas line the banks. Anglers come here for a true wilderness experience.

Canada has many other great fishing spots for 2024:

  • Cowichan River in British Columbia
  • Bow River in Alberta
  • Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan
  • Lake Dauphin in Manitoba
  • Saguenay in Quebec
  • North Lake in Prince Edward Island
  • Bras d’Or Lake in Nova Scotia
  • Gander River in Newfoundland

From Wilderness to Waterways

Canada’s varied lands and waters offer many fishing choices. You can fish at remote fly-in camps or in city waters. The country has spots for trophy fish and easy-to-reach places.

“Canada is a fishing mecca, with remote wilderness spots and serene urban waterways that captivate anglers from around the world. The sheer diversity of fishing opportunities is truly awe-inspiring.”

Canada’s fishing spots show off its natural beauty. You’ll enjoy the thrill of the catch in stunning settings. From rugged northern lakes to calm rivers, Canada’s fishing is unforgettable.

Lake Ontario: Great Lakes Angling Playground

Best Remote Fishing Spots in Canada

Lake Ontario sits between Ontario and New York. It’s the last Great Lake before the Atlantic Ocean. With over 120 fish species, it’s a prime spot for Chinook Salmon and Brown Trout.

Prime Salmon and Trout Fishing

July to September is best for trophy Salmon fishing. The cool, nutrient-rich waters help these fish thrive. Spring offers great Trout fishing in the shallows.

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Niagara Falls: Nature’s Majestic Wonder

Near Lake Ontario, you can see the amazing Niagara Falls. May to October is ideal for both fishing and viewing the falls. The waterfalls and parks create a stunning backdrop for fishing trips.

Fish SpeciesBest Fishing Season
Chinook SalmonJuly to September
Brown TroutSpring

Lake Ontario offers a unique angling experience. Its diverse fish, many waterways, and beautiful scenery attract all types of anglers. It’s a true paradise for fishing fans and nature lovers.

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“Lake Ontario’s waters are a treasure trove for anglers, where the thrill of the catch is matched only by the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings.”

Cowichan River: Trout Fishing Paradise

The Cowichan River is a top trout fishing spot in Canada. It’s on Vancouver Island, surrounded by forests and hills. Anglers can enjoy a real wilderness fishing experience here.

Seasonal Fishing Opportunities

The river offers great fishing for different trout species. Rainbow Trout arrive in early spring, making it a perfect time to fish. Brown Trout are abundant in October, attracting many anglers.

Fly fishing is popular on the Cowichan River. Sandy Pool and Stoltz Pool are famous spots for anglers worldwide. The river’s varied terrain challenges even expert fly fishermen.

Tubing Adventures in Cowichan

The Cowichan River isn’t just for fishing. In summer, you can tube down its gentle currents. This fun activity is loved by locals and tourists alike.

The Cowichan River is a trout fishing paradise in British Columbia. It offers great fishing and outdoor adventures. This river is a must-visit for trout fishing in Canada.

“The Cowichan River is a true gem for trout anglers, offering a world-class fishing experience in a breathtaking natural setting.”

Bow River: Trout Fishing in Urban Oasis

Bow River fishing

The Bow River in Alberta is a unique fishing spot. It blends urban access with untamed wilderness. This iconic waterway is famous for its Brown and Rainbow Trout fishing.

Calgary is a great starting point for anglers. You can explore the river with BowTubes and BowYaks. The Calgary Tower offers stunning views of the cityscape.

The Bow River is close to a major city. This means world-class trout fishing near urban amenities. It’s a perfect mix of outdoor adventure and city exploration.

The river offers great fishing for all skill levels. It has diverse fish populations and scenic backdrops. You can enjoy views of the Rocky Mountains and the city skyline.

“The Bow River is a true urban oasis, offering anglers the rare opportunity to experience world-class trout fishing in the heart of a vibrant city. It’s a fishing destination that truly has it all.”

Last Mountain Lake: Walleye and Perch Hotspot

Last Mountain Lake is a top spot for walleye and perch fishing in Saskatchewan. It’s the biggest natural lake in southern Saskatchewan. Anglers love it for its many big fish.

Premier Walleye Fishing Tournaments

Two big walleye fishing contests happen each year at the lake. The Regina Beach Lions Walleye Classic is in June. The Last Mountain Fall Walleye Classic takes place in September.

These events bring in anglers from all over Canada. They all want to catch the biggest walleye. These contests show why the lake is great for walleye fishing.

Bird Watching and Ice Fishing Haven

Last Mountain Lake isn’t just for walleye and perch fishing. It has Canada’s oldest bird sanctuary. Many people come here to watch birds.

In winter, the lake turns into an ice fishing paradise. Anglers come to catch perch and other fish under the ice.

“Last Mountain Lake is a true gem for anglers in Canada. The abundance of trophy-sized walleye and perch, combined with the stunning natural surroundings, make it a must-visit destination for any serious fisherman.”

Last Mountain Lake offers many fishing adventures. You can join a walleye contest or try ice fishing. You can also watch birds here. It’s a great place for fishing in Saskatchewan.

Lake Dauphin: Year-Round Angling Extravaganza

Lake Dauphin fishing

Lake Dauphin is a fishing paradise in Manitoba. It draws anglers from all over Canada and beyond. The lake is full of big Walleye and Northern Pike.

Trophy Walleye and Northern Pike

Lake Dauphin is brimming with Walleye and Northern Pike. Anglers can catch impressive fish here all year round. The lake’s healthy ecosystem ensures a steady supply of these prized game fish.

Fishers can test their skills and luck here. They might even land a trophy-sized catch.

Shallow Waters for Shore Fishing

Lake Dauphin has a shallow, easy-to-reach shoreline. This makes it great for shore fishing. You can cast from the bank or wade in the shallows.

In winter, you can set up a shelter for ice fishing. The lake suits anglers of all skill levels.

Rainbow Beach Provincial Park is nearby. It’s a nice spot for overnight stays and more fishing adventures.

Lake Dauphin is a top fishing spot in Canada. It offers big Walleye, Northern Pike, and easy shore fishing. Anglers from everywhere come here for a great fishing experience.

SpeciesAverage WeightPeak Season
Walleye2-6 lbsApril to October
Northern Pike5-15 lbsYear-round

“Lake Dauphin is a true gem for anglers seeking a diverse and rewarding fishing experience. The combination of trophy-class fish and accessible shorelines makes this lake a must-visit destination for anyone passionate about freshwater angling.”

Saguenay: Winter Wonderland and Fishing Gem

Saguenay, in Quebec’s heart, is a snow-covered paradise from mid-November to mid-March. It offers amazing snow activities and fishing experiences. The region transforms into a magical winter landscape.

Ice Fishing on Lake Saint Jean

Lake Saint Jean is a top spot for ice fishing in Saguenay. It’s full of Walleye, Perch, and Pike. Anglers love drilling through ice and waiting for a bite.

This experience captures the spirit of Canadian winter fishing. It’s a thrilling adventure for ice fishing fans.

Saltwater Fishing in Saguenay Fjord

Saguenay Fjord offers unique saltwater fishing. This glacial fjord is home to Smelt, Redfish, and Arctic Cod. Anglers can explore calm waters while enjoying stunning natural beauty.

The Saguenay River is great for fall fly fishing. Salmon and Trout are the main targets here. Year-round fishing makes Saguenay a top Canadian fishing spot.

“Saguenay is a winter wonderland, where the snow-covered landscapes and frozen lakes offer a unique and unforgettable fishing experience. From ice fishing to saltwater angling, this region is a true gem for outdoor enthusiasts and anglers alike.”

Saguenay boasts rich natural resources and diverse fishing options. Its stunning scenery makes it a must-visit for fishing fans. Both expert anglers and newcomers will find unforgettable experiences here.

You’ll want to come back to Saguenay again and again. Its beauty and fishing opportunities are truly exceptional.

North Lake: The Tuna Capital of the World

North Lake fishing

North Lake on Prince Edward Island is the Tuna Capital of the World. Anglers can battle giant Bluefin Tuna in this remote fishing spot. These powerful fish often weigh over 1,000 pounds during peak season from July to October.

Giant Bluefin Tuna Battles

For a thrilling experience, hire a charter operator in North Lake. These experts know the best spots to find Bluefin Tuna. They use special methods to help you catch trophy-sized fish.

Fighting these huge fish is an epic test of skill. Even seasoned fishermen find it challenging and exciting.

Tranquil Town and Local Hospitality

North Lake town is peaceful and welcoming. The Barn and the Boathouse offer cozy stays in the local community.

After a day of tuna fishing, relax in the quiet surroundings. Enjoy the coastal charm of this fishing paradise.

“North Lake is truly a fishing mecca, where the thrill of landing a massive Bluefin Tuna is matched only by the serenity of the quaint seaside town. It’s a place that leaves a lasting impression on every angler who steps foot on its shores.”

North Lake offers world-famous Bluefin Tuna fishing in a beautiful coastal setting. It’s a top spot for anglers seeking the ultimate Canadian fishing adventure.

Bras d’Or Lake: Freshwater and Saltwater Angling

The Bras d’Or Lake sits in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It’s a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with unique fishing chances. You can catch fish from fresh and salt water here.

It’s Canada’s biggest saltwater lake. Anglers love it for big trout and many sea fish types.

Trophy Trout and Sea-Run Species

Bras d’Or Lake is great for Brook, Brown, and Rainbow Trout. These fish grow big due to lots of food and good homes.

You can also catch sea fish like Cod, Herring, and Flounder. Striped Bass, Smelt, and Perch live here too.

The best time to fish is from June to September. The weather is nice then, and fish are eating a lot.

Mi’kmaq Cultural Experience

You can learn about Mi’kmaq people at Bras d’Or Lake too. Join the Eskasoni Cultural Journey to see their ways.

You’ll learn how Mi’kmaq connect with land and water. It’s a great way to understand their life.

Bras d’Or Lake offers amazing fishing and beautiful views. It’s also a key cultural spot. This makes it a top place for fishing in Nova Scotia.

Gander River: Atlantic Salmon Paradise

Gander River fishing

The Gander River in Newfoundland is a haven for anglers chasing trophy Atlantic salmon. Its clear waters and stunning surroundings attract fishing fans worldwide. The river’s pristine beauty offers a thrilling experience for those seeking majestic fish.

The Gander River’s fame as a top salmon spot is well-earned. In 2017, Newfoundland and Labrador sold 24,474 resident licenses for recreational salmon fishing. This shows how popular the region is for anglers.

The river’s unspoiled beauty sets it apart from other fishing spots. Lush forests and rugged coasts create a peaceful outdoor connection. Anglers might see moose, bears, and various bird species while fishing.

“The Gander River is a sanctuary for the soul, where the rhythm of the water and the dance of the salmon captivate the senses. It’s a place where time stands still, and the only thing that matters is the gentle pull of the line and the thrill of the catch.”

The Gander River’s salmon fishery is managed uniquely. The fishing season runs from June 1 to September 7 in Insular Newfoundland. This ensures responsible use of the resource.

Anglers must use a single barbless hook with an artificial fly. This rule helps preserve the river’s ecological balance. The Gander River welcomes both expert and novice anglers.

It offers a chance to fish for Atlantic salmon in a stunning setting. With its rich history and focus on conservation, this river is a gem among Canada’s fishing spots.

Best Remote Fishing Spots in Canada

Canada’s wilderness offers many remote fishing spots for all anglers. Algonquin Provincial Park and Bay of Quinte are top destinations. These places are a haven for passionate fishers.

Fly Fishing in Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is a fly fishing paradise. Canoe-trippers can explore multi-day routes and catch wild trout and bass. The park’s rivers and lakes offer endless opportunities.

Wabatongushi Lake is a prime spot in the park. It’s 22 miles long and covers 10,000 acres. The lake has an average depth of 22 feet.

A basin near Loch Island goes down to 100 feet. The deepest part is 175 feet. Walleye, pike, whitefish, and trout thrive here.

Walleye Fishing in Bay of Quinte

Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario is famous for walleye fishing. It’s best in late fall and during ice fishing season. The average walleye weighs 1.5-2 pounds, perfect for eating.

Northern pike also swim in these waters. They usually weigh 4-5 pounds, but some reach 20 pounds. Perch are plentiful too, ranging from 8-12 inches long.

“Canada’s fishing spots offer unmatched beauty and remoteness. Anglers can escape everyday life and enjoy nature’s peace.”


Canada’s fishing landscape is truly unmatched. It offers diverse spots for anglers of all skill levels. From Atlantic Salmon in Newfoundland to Bluefin Tuna in Prince Edward Island, options are endless.

The country’s waters promise unforgettable adventures. You can enjoy fly-in wilderness trips or convenient urban fishing. Canada’s vast lakes, rivers, and coasts await your exploration.

From British Columbia to Ontario, anglers find their paradise. The Atlantic provinces offer rugged coastlines for exciting catches. World-class fisheries and stunning scenery draw anglers from everywhere.

Cast for giant sturgeon on the Fraser River. Stalk trophy muskies on Lake of the Woods. Chase Atlantic salmon in the Humber River. Canada’s fishing experiences are truly one-of-a-kind.

FAQ about Best Remote Fishing Spots in Canada

What are the best remote fishing spots in Canada?

Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario is great for fly fishing. The Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario’s north shore offers world-class walleye fishing. These spots are among Canada’s top remote fishing locations.

What types of fishing can I do in Canada?

Canada offers many fishing types, including fly, ice, salmon, and trout fishing. The country’s diverse landscapes and waterways suit anglers of all skill levels.

What are the best destinations for fishing lodges and guides in Canada?

Canada boasts many fishing lodges and guides for remote and wilderness spots. The Gander River in Newfoundland is famous for Atlantic Salmon fishing.

North Lake on Prince Edward Island is known for trophy-sized Bluefin Tuna.

What are the fishing regulations in Canada?

Fishing rules differ by province and territory in Canada. Anglers should know the specific rules before planning their trip.

These rules cover catch limits, size restrictions, and licensing needs.

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