Best Fly Fishing Spots in Canada

Discover Canada's premier fly fishing destinations, from pristine rivers to scenic lakes. Explore the best fly fishing spots in Canada for unforgettable angling adventures.

Canada’s vast wilderness offers top-notch fly fishing. From the Atlantic coast to the Rockies, anglers can find amazing spots. Trophy fish like Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead Trout, and Arctic Char await.

Key Takeaways about Best Fly Fishing Spots in Canada

  • Canada is renowned for its diverse and abundant fish species, including Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead Trout, and Arctic Char.
  • The best time to go fly-fishing in Canada is during the summer months, with the peak season typically between June and September.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador are considered the top destinations for catching Atlantic Salmon, while British Columbia is famous for its world-class Steelhead Trout fishing.
  • Anglers can expect to find trophy-sized fish, with Atlantic Salmon in Canada weighing up to 9 kg (20 lbs) and Steelhead Trout rivaling the world’s largest sea-run rainbows.
  • Canada’s remote and picturesque fishing lodges offer unparalleled hospitality, expert guides, and access to some of the country’s most pristine and productive fishing waters.

Canada’s Unparalleled Fishing Adventures

Best Fly Fishing Spots in Canada

Canada is a true haven for anglers. Its vast wilderness and abundant waterways offer some of the world’s best fishing spots. From British Columbia’s rivers to Prairie lakes, Canada’s fishing adventures are truly remarkable.

Canada boasts Best Fly Fishing Spots and Remote Fishing Getaways. These destinations are known for their Scenic Fishing Destinations and variety of Canadian Fly Fishing Tours.

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From Well-Known Hotspots to Hidden Gems

Canada’s fishing landscape includes famous spots and hidden gems. Anglers can explore the Skeena River in British Columbia, known for Steelhead Trout.

Or, they can venture to Northern Manitoba’s remote waters. Here, trophy-sized Northern Pike and Walleye await eager fishers.

Breathtaking Scenery and Diverse Angling Opportunities

Canada’s fisheries offer legendary Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead Trout, and Arctic Char. Anglers can enjoy the Yukon’s serene glacial lakes or cast lines near the Rockies.

The gentle rivers of the Maritimes provide another unique fishing experience. Each location offers its own captivating angling adventure.

“Canada is a true fly fishing mecca, with a vast array of world-class destinations that cater to anglers of all skill levels. From the remote wilderness to the iconic trout streams, the country’s fisheries are truly unparalleled.”

Lake Ontario: Gateway to the Great Lakes

Lake Ontario Fishing

Lake Ontario sits between Ontario and New York. It’s the smallest Great Lake but offers great fishing. Over 120 fish species live here, including big Chinook Salmon and Brown Trout.

Trophy Salmon and Trout Fishing

Anglers can catch these fish in summer and spring. The lake has 13,000 acres of water and 120 miles of shore. It’s perfect for trophy salmon fishing locations and trout fishing.

Niagara Falls: A Natural Wonder

Lake Ontario is home to Niagara Falls, a world-famous natural wonder. Its diverse fish and amazing views make it a top spot. It’s a must-see for fly fishing enthusiast exploring the best fly fishing spots in Canada.

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Best Fly Fishing Spots in Canada

The Trout Lake Fly In Outpost Cabin fits 12 people in 2 rooms. It offers great fly fishing guides Canada and fly fishing lodges Canada. You can catch big fish here.

The lake has walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and lake trout. Fish can weigh 5-7 pounds, with some even bigger.

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Fish SpeciesAverage SizeTrophy Size
Walleye17-22 inchesup to 28 inches
Northern Pike21-25 inchesup to 40 inches
Smallmouth Bass13-16 inchesup to 20 inches
Lake Troutaround 5 poundslarger fish available
Best Fly Fishing Spots in Canada

Lake Ontario has many scenic fishing destinations. It offers great fishing and amazing sights. It’s a top spot for best fly fishing spots in Canada.

The Cowichan River: Vancouver Island’s Trout Paradise

Cowichan River Fly Fishing

The Cowichan River on Vancouver Island is the best Trout fishery in the region. It’s home to Rainbow and Brown Trout in pristine waters. Spring and fall are prime times for catching these prized fish.

Finest Trout Fishery on Vancouver Island

The Cowichan River is a gem for fly fishing fans in Canada. It has diverse Trout species, including Brown Trout introduced in the 1930s. BC Outdoor magazine lists it as a top steelhead river in BC.

The river offers easy access and plenty of room for anglers. It’s less crowded than other popular fishing spots.

Scenic Outdoor Activities

The Cowichan River area is known for more than just fishing. Visitors can swim, canoe, bike, and tube down the river. The beautiful landscape and variety of fish make it a haven for outdoor lovers.

The Cowichan River is perfect for fly fishing spots in Canada fans. It’s also great for those seeking top Canadian Trout streams. Both new and skilled anglers will enjoy this scenic fishing destination.

Bow River: Blue Ribbon Trout Fishing in Alberta

The Bow River in Alberta is a top spot for fly fishing. It’s known for its great trout streams and scenic views. Anglers can catch big Brown and Rainbow Trout near Calgary.

The river has clean water and lots of fish. There are about 2,000 fish per square mile. The best fishing spots are close to Calgary.

“The Bow River is a true blue-ribbon trout fishery, offering anglers the chance to hook into massive Browns and Rainbows in a stunning natural setting right in the heart of Alberta.”

Fishing on the Bow River changes with the seasons. In June, the water clears up after spring runoff. This is a good time to catch big Rainbow Trout.

Summer brings lots of insects for the fish to eat. This makes for great dry-fly fishing. Fall is the best time to fish here.

The water is clear and there are fewer people. Nymphing patterns work well in fall. Try using pheasant tails, Copper-johns, and prince nymphs.

The Bow’s tributaries are also great for fishing. The Sheep River and Highwood River have many Rainbow Trout. You might even catch a Bull Trout in the high country.

The Bow River had a big flood in 2013. But it has bounced back well. Conservation efforts have helped bring back large, strong trout.

Both local and visiting anglers still love fishing here. The Bow River remains one of the Best Fly Fishing Spots in Canada.

Last Mountain Lake: Saskatchewan’s Walleye and Perch Hotspot

Scenic Fishing Destinations

Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan is a top spot for Walleye and Perch fishing. It’s the biggest natural lake in southern Saskatchewan. Anglers come from all over to catch its impressive Walleye and Perch.

Walleye Fishing Tournaments

The lake hosts two big Walleye fishing contests. There’s the Regina Beach Lions Walleye Classic in June. The Last Mountain Fall Walleye Classic happens in September. These events show off the lake’s great fishing.

Skilled anglers come from near and far. They all want to catch the biggest Walleye from the lake.

Bird Watching and Ice Fishing

Last Mountain Lake isn’t just for fishing. It’s also great for watching birds. There’s a famous bird sanctuary on its shores.

In winter, the lake freezes over. It becomes a perfect place for ice fishing. This extends the fishing season into the cold months.

LakeNotable SpeciesUnique Features
Last Mountain Lake, SaskatchewanWalleye, PerchLargest naturally-formed lake in southern Saskatchewan, hosts major Walleye fishing tournaments
Muskoka Lake, OntarioWalleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth BassPopular fishing destination with diverse species
Lac La Biche, AlbertaWalleye, Northern PikeOffers excellent Walleye and Pike fishing
Nagagami Lake, Northern OntarioWalleyeDepth range of 8-50 feet provides ideal Walleye habitat

Last Mountain Lake is a top spot for Walleye and Perch fishing. It has famous fishing contests and lots of ways to fish. The lake’s beauty makes it a prime fishing destination in Canada.

“The fishing experience can be particularly successful during calm, warm days around midday, with fish as large as 29 inches being caught during the frenzy.”

Lake Dauphin: Manitoba’s Trophy Walleye and Pike Destination

Lake Dauphin Fishing

Lake Dauphin is a top spot for big Walleye and Northern Pike. It’s in the heart of Manitoba’s beautiful landscape. This big lake offers great fishing all year round.

Year-Round Angling Opportunities

Lake Dauphin has fishing for everyone, no matter the season. In summer, you can fish from shore or enjoy water sports. When winter comes, the frozen lake becomes a hot spot for ice fishing.

Anglers come from all over to catch big Walleye and Pike. The lake’s shallow waters make it perfect for shore fishing.

Shallow Waters for Shore Fishing

Lake Dauphin’s shallow waters are great for shore fishing. You can easily reach good fishing spots from the shore. This makes it easier to catch Walleye and Northern Pike.

The lake is close to Rainbow Beach Provincial Park. This lets you enjoy fishing and beautiful scenery. You can also do many fun outdoor activities here.

Lake Dauphin is a must-visit place in Manitoba. It’s great for serious anglers and nature lovers alike.

“Lake Dauphin is a true gem for anglers seeking trophy-sized Walleye and Northern Pike, with its diverse angling opportunities and stunning natural surroundings.”

Saguenay: Quebec’s Winter Wonderland

Saguenay is a snowy paradise in Quebec’s heart. It offers many snow activities and great fishing chances. From mid-November to mid-March, snow covers the region.

Winter sports like snowmobiling, skiing, and dog sledding are popular here. The snowy season makes Saguenay a top spot for these activities.

Ice Fishing on Lake Saint Jean

Saguenay gives anglers two unique fishing experiences. On frozen Lake Saint Jean, you can catch walleye, perch, and pike through ice.

The Saguenay – Lac Saint-Jean area has up to 22 weeks of winter. This long season lets you enjoy ice fishing for many weeks.

Saltwater Fishing in the Saguenay Fjord

The Saguenay Fjord has saltwater fish like smelt, redfish, and arctic cod. Early fall is great for salmon and trout in the Saguenay River.

Saguenay’s mix of winter fun and fishing makes it special. It’s a top spot for outdoor fans in Canada.

“Saguenay is a true winter wonderland, offering a wide range of snow-inspired activities and exceptional fishing opportunities.”

At Cap au Leste, rooms start at $150 per night. They have a double bed and three single beds. Guided tours there cost $100 for 1 hour.

Dog sledding costs $105 for adults and $52.50 for kids. A half-day trip is available. Ice fishing for four people is $85, with free gear.

For a full winter trip, rent a heated tent on Lac Saint-Jean. It costs $69 on weekdays and $149 on weekends.

Visit the Musée du fromage cheddar in Saint-Prime. A family tour and tasting costs $23.95. It’s a fun activity for all ages.

North Lake: The Tuna Capital of the World

North Lake, a small fishing community on Prince Edward Island, is famous for Bluefin Tuna. This remote spot attracts anglers from July to October. They come to catch giant tuna, often weighing over 1,000 pounds.

Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing

North Lake is known for breaking fishing records. In 1973, Walter Bruce caught a 1,017-pound tuna. This feat drew anglers from Germany, South Africa, and Australia.

Tuna stocks declined in the mid-1980s due to intense fishing off the Carolinas. But in the last decade, the fishery has started to recover. Different year classes of fish are now appearing.

Hospitable Fishing Community

North Lake offers more than just fishing. It’s known for its warm hospitality and peaceful atmosphere. The Barn and Boathouse provide cozy lodging for visitors.

This fishing community has a rich history and strong pride. It’s a unique spot for anglers seeking remote and scenic fishing destinations in Canada.

“North Lake became known as the ‘Tuna Capital of the World’ due to its reputation for breaking many fishing records and being a place where one could land fish weighing over 1000 pounds.”

North Lake continues to attract tuna enthusiasts despite past challenges. The return of tuna stocks has renewed interest. It’s a top spot for anglers seeking the best fly fishing spots in Canada.

Bras d’Or Lake: Nova Scotia’s Golden Fishing Paradise

Bras d’Or Lake sits in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is a fishing gem. It offers both freshwater and saltwater fishing for many species.

Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing

Bras d’Or Lake is famous for big Brook, Brown, and Rainbow Trout. These fish thrive in its clean waters.

Anglers can also catch sea-run fish like Cod, Herring, and Flounder. This mix makes it great for fly fishing.

Rich Heritage and Culture

Bras d’Or Lake is known for more than just fishing. It has a rich cultural history too.

The nearby Eskasoni Cultural Journey shares Mi’kmaq traditions. Visitors can learn about this Indigenous community’s way of life.

Bras d’Or Lake offers beauty, diverse fish, and cultural value. It’s a must-visit spot for fly fishing fans in Canada.

Key HighlightsDetails
Fishing OpportunitiesTrout (Brook, Brown, Rainbow), Cod, Herring, Flounder
Cultural SignificanceUNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Eskasoni Cultural Journey
Scenic BeautyUnparalleled natural landscapes, picturesque surroundings

“With its unparalleled natural beauty, diverse fishery, and cultural significance, the Bras d’Or Lake is truly a gem for fly fishing enthusiasts exploring the best destinations in Canada.”


Canada’s landscape offers many best fly fishing spots in Canada. Each spot has its own charm and fishing chances. From East Coast Salmon and Trout to Prairie Walleye and Pike, Canada’s waters promise great experiences.

The West boasts Steelhead and Bull Trout in its fly fishing rivers in Canada. These waters suit anglers of all skill levels. Canada’s top Canadian trout streams cater to various fishing interests.

You can find remote fishing getaways and top-notch fly fishing lodges Canada. The country’s prime salmon fishing locations offer chances to catch legendary fish. This guide shows some of Canada’s scenic fishing destinations.

Fly fishing guides Canada share local know-how with visitors. Canadian fly fishing tours put you in the middle of the action. Many spots focus on catch and release to protect fish populations.

Canada’s natural beauty and diverse waters attract fly fishing enthusiasts worldwide. The country remains a top choice for unforgettable fishing adventures.

FAQ about Best Fly Fishing Spots in Canada

What are some of the best fly fishing spots in Canada?

Canada boasts excellent fly fishing spots across the country. Lake Ontario and Cowichan River in British Columbia are top choices. The Bow River in Alberta and Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan are also fantastic.

Other prime locations include Lake Dauphin in Manitoba and Quebec’s Saguenay region. North Lake on Prince Edward Island and Bras d’Or Lake in Nova Scotia offer unique experiences.

What types of fish can I catch in Canada’s top fly fishing destinations?

Canada’s waters teem with diverse fish species. You can reel in trophy Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Trout. Arctic Char, Chinook Salmon, and Brown Trout are also popular catches.

Rainbow Trout, Walleye, and Northern Pike inhabit many lakes and rivers. Coastal areas offer Bluefin Tuna, Cod, Herring, and Flounder for anglers.

What are the best times of year to go fly fishing in Canada?

Prime fishing seasons in Canada vary by location and target species. Generally, spring, summer, and fall offer the best conditions. Spring and fall are ideal for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Trout.

Summer months are perfect for catching Chinook Salmon and Brown Trout. Always check local fishing reports for the best times.

Are there any unique or remote fly fishing destinations in Canada?

Canada offers many unique and remote fly fishing spots. North Lake on Prince Edward Island is known as the “Tuna Capital of the World”. Bras d’Or Lake in Nova Scotia is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

This special lake provides both freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities. These destinations offer unforgettable experiences for adventurous anglers.

What kind of amenities and services are available at Canada’s top fly fishing lodges and guides?

Canada’s top fishing lodges offer a range of amenities. Expect comfortable accommodations and skilled fishing guides. Many provide tackle rentals and transportation to prime fishing spots.

Some lodges offer extra activities like wildlife viewing and cultural tours. Gourmet dining is often available, enhancing your fishing adventure.

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